How to take pictures in the bathroom

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Do you really want to write about how to take pictures in the bathroom? Well sure, let’s debunk the myth that the bathroom is not a place where to shoot, especially if the bathroom is a really glam one like this. Where is it? Read here!

come fare le foto in bagno

Of course, a post that is titled “how to take pictures in the bathroom” could turn up many noses.

But if you remember well I had already dedicated one post on instagrammable baths here .

Now, unfortunately, the aforementioned bathroom no longer exists, because of Ludo The Imp’s parents who are more practical than glamor.

But I managed to find a really sensational one, the one you see in these photos.

It is located at the Excess Venice Hotel in Venice and in this post you can read about our experience and our opinion on this delightful Boutique Hotel.

How to take pictures in the bathroom

After finding a truly photogenic bathroom, let’s think about the look.

I chose to wear a dress by Just Cavalli that belongs to the next spring summer 2020 collection and that I found at the Showroom Gierre.

It’s definitely my style. A little ’70s, a little rock exactly like two of my 4 personalities. The others were silent this time.

Technically, however, some precautions are necessary to take photos in the bathroom.

First of all, you need the flash. As bright as the bathroom may be we are always in an indoor environment with lights that do not always fall the right way.

The flash will help minimize the impact of unwanted shadows.

The second piece of advice I can give you is to use an angle that does not include sanitary fixtures, such as water and bidet.

As beautiful as they are, they are not glamorous, so exclude them from the frame.

The best photos are taken either in the shower or in the bathtub, but even the sink can be an interesting background.

Fashion at 40 takes color and more color

As an influencer over 40, I feel responsible for saying that at 40 we women are even more beautiful than 20, because we are more mature and aware of ourselves.

So if you are thinking that at 48 I should dress with an apron and make tortellini you have picked the wrong blog.

First because I don’t know how to cook and secondly because fashion really has no age.

So yes to the bright yellow even for me who am “differently young” and a dress like this fits perfectly to a disco look.

But I haven’t been going to the disco for years now but I can use it for a glam dinner with friends! Or I can use it to take pictures in the bathroom!

And what do you think of the pictures in the bathroom? Have you ever taken them?

Selvaggia Capizzi
Selvaggia Capizzi

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