How to take photos on hay bales? It seems easy but I assure you that it is not at all! Having spent the holidays in Tuscany, in Val d’Orcia, it was practically impossible not to immortalize yourself on a sheaf of straw! come fare le foto sulle balle di fieno

How to take photos on hay bales? First of all you need to find the right place and Val d’Orcia is perfect because it has really unique views.

I was lucky enough to spend my holidays in this place and then I was surrounded by gold hills embellished with numerous and round haystacks. After seeing that almost all the fashion bloggers, but not only, had at least a shot over a bale of straw I wanted to try it too.

The question is how to take photos on hay bales without getting hurt?

I wanted to take an inspection to understand how to make beautiful shots.

I waited a day that it was not too hot, it was late afternoon, after a day spent at  the pool (you can clearly see the shaggy hair, not a trickle of makeup, flip-flops and rural look). While I chose the most beautiful bale, Uffa ran happyly around and more than once I thought I had lost her because she has the same color of straw!

Once I found the perfect bale I immediately realized that … it was huge !!! How to climb it? I tried to do it by myself and my Knight immediately took advantage of it to immortalize me in poses that were definitely not very fashionable!

Eventually, he came to my rescue and started pushing me on. Luckily there are no photos of those moments !!! I struggled while he was helping me up and Uffa that barked for me to get off! But at the end I did it. I was on the “top” at last, with legs all scratched, and with flies, wasps, gadflies that buzzed all around me!

My Knight threw me Uffa and … he took some shots very quickly because I could not wait to get off! Once on the ground, with the B side scratched by the dry straw I thought that my inspection could end there and that I would have quietly returned to shooting on the sheaves.

Then, at the end, what is my advice on how to take photos on hay bales? Bring with you a comfortable ladder, a soft towel to rest on the sheaf and cans of insecticide for insects!


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come fare le foto sulle balle di fieno

come fare le foto sulle balle di fieno

come fare le foto sulle balle di fieno

come fare le foto sulle balle di fieno

come fare le foto sulle balle di fieno

come fare le foto sulle balle di fieno

how to take photos on hay bales

Esmeralda Evangelista

Esmeralda Evangelista

Beauty blogger, fashion blogger, fashion events Roma Sono Esmeralda, cugina di Francesca e sorella di Gianluca! Sono femmina e come tutte le femmine che nessuno si azzardi a non farmi studiare una qualsiasi vetrina con abiti, borse, scarpe e gingilli vari. Anche quella gran sfigata di Cenerentola ha puntato tutto su una scarpina e guardate cosa ha acchiappato: principe e regno con tanti omini e donnine che le lustrano le scarpe e le stirano i vestiti!

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  1. Hello
    I also took pictures in hay bales, I could not resist,I keep it in a file because I still don’t have a story to tell. But your photos are beautiful !!
    They are so fun.

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