How to take fashion photos at home

Are you a fashion influencer? Are you looking for a way not to get brutal during your imprisonment? I have something for you! Here’s how to take fashion photos at home and have fun.

in house fashion shootingToday I will explain how to take fashion photos at home, also having fun, to spend time and avoid spending the days with frizzy hair, pajamas and zombie faces at the same time! We create a photo shooting set at home to try to return to an almost normal life even if within the home.

It doesn’t matter if you are a fashion influencer, a top manager or a housewife: now that we are all at home, we mustn’t give up!

Let me explain better: since I no longer have a social life and cannot leave the house, there is no need to put on make-up or to dress well and I, who already see myself as ugly with make-up and my hair done, I just look at myself in the mirror and get scared!

Luckily I do a job that forces me to take care of myself even when there are no particular occasions to do it.

And since for now you can only buy it online I decided to take some home shots to show you this apricot-colored tulle dress that I found on Femme Luxe Finery.

How to take fashion photos at home

We need:

Camera with flash, or smartphone and LED light

Cute dress, possibly with ruffles and tulle and colored

Hair with glam hairstyle

Make up

Preparation of the photographic set:

To take fashion photos at home, you need to create an ad hoc home photo set. First of all choose the right corner: it must have a light background in order to make the subject stand out.

I chose my bedroom, with a white wall and bed. A bedroom that we recently changed thanks to the Husband who no longer wanted the four-poster bed.

And so we took this white bed with a super expensive mattress that promised cosmic sleep.

Too bad it’s not like this: after a month I find myself with muscle pains and my husband with cervical problems hahahahah. But that’s another matter.

Taking advantage of the change, I set up the bedroom thinking of a home photo shoot.

Therefore it is ready for use. I chose some white faux fur mats, the pink writing Dream and the white candles.

All I did was choose a floral bedspread to match the dress.

And then you shoot. And we enjoy seeing the photos, walking around the house dressed and made up. A different version of our home version. It’s good for morale and so let’s do it!

How do we get back to normal after the pandemic?

The answer is simple: we have to reduce the time to zero the contagion and this can be done only if we all aim at the same goal.

So everyone at home, let’s stop grumbling or seeing everything black, pretending things that don’t exist.

Let me explain here too: I have always been an employee so I have always paid taxes because there are those who do it for me or the company. in addition, I also pay the taxes of the country house. In short, the state has always taken good money from me. But I never had the opportunity to get back the amount paid. When I gave birth I paid the clinic and the team, when I underwent surgery (2 times) I paid the clinic and the team. The analyzes for the most part I have always paid for them privately to do first. Consciously. Never complained.

Now my pennies (like those of many others) are being used by the state to help those in need (I will not ask for anything), people like me who have paid taxes but also people who have not paid or paid taxes few.

I am not complaining but I read the complaints of others and this is not constructive for me. Remember that in no other state has this epidemic been treated for free and with compensation for practically everyone.

I am apolitical, I am not interested in parties. I am interested in recognizing our government’s courage in making difficult decisions and in trying to take immediate steps to help Italians.

Now let me see what other countries in the world will do …..

how to take fashion photos at home

foto moda in casa

how to take fashion photos at home

Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

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