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In the 70s they were very popular, today they are still trendy but it is not easy to match them. Here’s how to style the bell bottom jeans respecting volumes and geometries.

Today we talk about how to style the bell bottom jeans, a cult piece of 70s fashion that should be managed with caution because they can easily ruin an outift if mismatched.

The ones I wear are the 2019 spring summer jeans of 7.24 that I found from Duedidueshowroom. They are beautiful because the bottom flare effect is even more pronounced. And they are therefore also more difficult to combine in a look.

Let’s see together the components of this outfit and how to style the bell bottom jeans so that the whole thing is proportionate and harmonious.

My first suggestion is that if you want to wear a soft sweater with flare bottom jeans you have to opt for one that does not fall below the hips and is not flared. In this way we obtain an hourglass effect that is very feminine.

The shoe is essential when we think about how to style the bell bottom jeans.

The reality is that this type of jeans has a tendency to widen the figure and crush it unless you wear heels. My suggestion is to choose a heel height of more than 5 cm in order to slim the leg.

In this case I chose a pair of Malloni plexiglass lace-up shoes with heels.

Above, I opted for a soft but tighter sweater on the hips and a leopard-print halter top.

When we decide how to style the bell bottom jeans it is important that the proportions are respected and that the leg is not mortified by an overly oversized top. Even if you are as tall as me, the risk of looking like a concrete block is very high.

A consideration on these photos, which I particularly like. Do you know who took them? Nadia! But with my Canon Mark IV. It ‘s true that I can give it to the first one who passes and still get some nice photos!

Nadia I’m joking obviously, you were very good at it!

jeans a campana

how to style bell bottom jeans

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Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

fashion blogger di roma, influencer over 40 amo condividere la mia passione per la moda e soprattutto definirmi l'unica, vera, originale (s) fashion blogger

3 Responses

  1. You know, I rarely wear jeans and stuff, but I really want to wear this ones, ha!! They look amazing and very chic. Love the design at the bottom of the leg. x

  2. Hi Francesca
    When I was 6 years old (1978) I have one of this jeans. And I love then as I love yours, they are gorgeous and you styled it in a superb way.
    Its a hard game to dress perfectly those jeans.

  3. Oh what fun jeans! You wear them so well and I love your background for the pics as well! 🙂

    Hope that you are having a good week 🙂 We finally got a break in the heatwave last night and it was so welcome!

    Away From The Blue

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