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How to stay fit at 40, when the metabolism is slower than a turtle in a highway and the muscles seem to have forgotten about you? Today I share with you what I have learned over the last 7 years.
come essere in forma a 40 anni

How to stay fit at 40: it seems easy but it is not at all.

Because at the stroke of the fortieth year of age various facts occur, almost simultaneously.

The skin loses elasticity and you find yourself having a double chin, chicken wings and belly.

The metabolism goes on vacation and you find yourself fighting against the extra pounds when 5 years before a week of diet and a bit of working out was enough to get back in shape.

I had my son at 38 and I’m the only case in Italy to be back in shape after “only” 9 years.

I thought it was easy and instead I found myself struggling a lot to shed my baby fat and I managed it only after 9 years!

To understand how to stay fit at 40, we must start from a premise: we are 40 years old!

Forget the past and embrace this reality.

Metabolism is slow and the muscles struggle to define themselves. The skin is less tense and the collagen is scarce.

So how to stay fit at 40?

We must act on two fronts: nutrition and physical activity?

We start from diet and talk about the zone diet , but not that of the famous “blocks”, because the zione is actually simply the one that keeps blood sugar levels neither too high (hyperglycemia), nor too low (hypoglycemia).

If we go into hyperglycemia, our body accumulates excess glucose and stores it into body fat to prevent dark periods.

If we go into hypoglycemia, the metabolism first consumes all the glucose in the blood and then begins to break down the muscles because we know that the fat reserves can be used in the future. But not only: for defense our body carries the basal metabolism to the minimum so as not to consume too much energy.

The only zone where blood sugar is consumed for the basal activities and fat is used to perform other activities such as gymnastics or walking is within these 2 parameters.

How can we keep the zone? We have to eat 5 times a day and combine carbohydrates (hyperglycemic agents) and proteins (hypoglycemic agents). In practice, we must never feel hungry (hypoglycemia).

As carbohydrates we aim at those with a low glycemic index, such as wholemeal ones and as sugar we use only fructose.

Zone diet becomes a way of life and I guarantee that it works.

But it must be combined with physical activity.

I now go 3 or 4 times a week to the gym: I do weights and at least 20 minutes of cardio fitness at the end.

Do you know why I do it at the end? Because after having consumed all the sugar in the blood with the weights, the last 20 minutes I let the sugars stored in the fat to be taken to produce energy.

Now, I can not tell you that I have Belen’s body (also because I miss side A and Side B) but at least I look more tonic than before.

And above all I feel better mentally and physically.

And if I did it to be in shape at 40, can not we all do it?

I am wearing DEHA gym suit

Photos taken at Villa Dafne Majestic

come rimanere in forma dopo i 40

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Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

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2 Responses

  1. Hi Francesca
    My fight now is not to lose more weight, physical activity for me is not very advised (but the main reason is that I hate doing physical activity although I have done all my life)
    But you’re in perfect shape and I love your sneakers btw.


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