How to organize a civil wedding

How to organize a civil wedding that is as exciting and engaging as the one in the church? Here are some tips for a unique and unforgettable wedding ceremony!

How to organize a civil wedding that represents us, without necessarily turning to a wedding planner?

Who follows me knows that I got married last month and I wanted to take care of everything personally.

Not only because of an economic issue, but also because I think that no one could know better than me what I liked and especially how I wanted my wedding.

First and foremost, for a future bride, it is… the choice of the wedding dress!!!

I didn’t have a particular model in mind, but I wanted it to be simple, elegant and “light” enough, suitable for my age (no longer very young sigh!) but especially for the importance of the uniform worn by my Knight.

I found my wedding dress in the Atelier of Franco Ciambella, Italian designer of haute couture, of many VIPs, that I had the honor of knowing in the television studios of HSE24

Franco Ciambella makes wonderful tailored (but not only) wedding gowns  with Italian fabrics, French lace, chiffon, organza, silk and luxurious embroidery.

I recommend it from the bottom of my heart, also because his custom-made dresses cost as much as those already made! I didn’t want to believe it either, but I did!

For the makeup and hairstyle I obviously turned to my friend Monica Marchetti Hair Stylist and her wonderful staff.

I had very clear ideas about how I wanted to live the day of my wedding and luckily my Knight (now husband) had the same ideas.

Our wish was to have a party to live together with our loved ones, in a serene, simple and spontaneous way without spectacular “twists and turns” (they proposed everything to us!!!) respecting our way of being and also our age!

We looked for a location where it was possible to celebrate both the wedding and the reception. For us it was essential to do everything in one place, because it would be very convenient for everyone.

Too often, in fact, the wedding is synonymous with stress, nervousness and fatigue for both the spouses and guests!

We dreamed of our wedding as a nice party to share with friends and relatives, who could feel relaxed, at ease, but especially happy to be there with us and enjoy a wedding “comfortable” and family.

After visiting several locations, we chose the one that represented us most.

La porta del Principe, a late 19th century noble farmhouse on the outskirts of Rome, surrounded by greenery. Elegant but at the same time intimate, welcoming and above all with excellent cuisine.

We had chosen to do the ceremony in the garden but … a violent hailstorm has prevented us but has absolutely failed to ruin our day!!!

Organize a civil wedding that is suggestive, engaging and exciting, both for the bride and groom that for guests is not so difficult.

Here are some tips:

choose a location where you can do both the ceremony and the reception;

It must represent you in full and you must have the opportunity to choose personally what you like without necessarily having to comply with rules or labels that do not belong to you;

Many locations (such as the one chosen by us) also offer the wedding planner service;

Ask those who know you and love you to tell something about you during the ceremony, it will be very touching;

Ask your closest friends who will be your bridesmaid… it will be fun but also very exciting;

decide the music and songs that you like and belong to you to emphasize the various moments of the ceremony and reception;

choose a menu suitable for its guests. If, like me, you have invited “simple-to-make-happy-people” avoid sophisticated and elaborate meals, choose rather a menu refined but at the same time simple with food of excellent quality.
Following these few and simple tips, I can assure you that you can organize a civil wedding in style that will remain in your heart and that of your guests.


organizzare un matrimonio civile

organizzare un matrimonio civile

organizzare un matrimonio civile

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