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How to make an elegant ponytail and a perfect make-up for a wedding, not mistaking, this time, the day? Here is the story of the second round of the impossible marriage .come fare una coda di cavallo elegante

Today we see together how to make an elegant ponytail, make an effective make-up and, above all, pick the right wedding day.

In my case, the second attempt was successful. Do you remember when I picked the wrong day for a friend’s wedding?

After 3 days the real marriage finally took place, which is what was supposed to be on August 28th in my buggy mind.

This time I checked the invitation and I decided it was worth making some changes especially to make up and hairstyle.

In my empty pumpkin head, I began to think about how to make an elegant ponytail. Unfortunately, my locks have not yet grown completely and therefore I needed a “help”.

I then took the famous extensions with the clip and with those I went to my hairdresser, Franco Bocca in Rome and I asked for help to them.

After a European summit style consultation between Franco (or rather Francesco), Asnakech and Alessandra on how to make an elegant ponytail with the extensions, we finally arrived at the result you see in the photos.

And since I was there, Veronica, Franco’s MUA, decided to make a subtle smoky eyes and a very thin and delicate contouring on me.

The look has remained the same, that is Maje dress and jewelry by Athena Gioielli.

Given our precedents, we skipped the ceremony in the church and we reached the newlyweds directly at Villa Miani.

Those who followed me live and on Instagram stories know that the reception was really top with a lot of singers, dancers and a super-technological animation for children.

But … especially ….. this time we took the right the day! I have done 4 checks before going!

how to make an elegant ponytail

Tips of the day

  • When you think about how to make an elegant ponytail, if you need to use the extensions remember that there is also the ready-to-use tail that you can attach to your liking.
  • Schools have now begun almost everywhere, if you already have plans to go shopping to go back to school, check out this post by Ludo
  • If you have some time, learn how to make homemade gnocchi!
Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

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