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How to increase traffic on the blog without spending a fortune and without resorting to paid advertising? I found an innovative and very simple method and today I want to share it with you!consigli per aumentare il traffico sul blog

Since I opened my fashion blog in 2011 that I’m always looking for new ways to increase traffic on the blog without resorting to paid advertising. Today I finally found it.

If it is true that this is a well indexed site and with a good domain authority and page rank it is also true that the competitors become more and more aggressive every day.

So how to increase traffic on the blog without spending a fortune on advertising?

The key is Google and the complex mechanism with which it reads the posts by assigning priority in search engines.

But Google is nothing but a robot that desperately needs an interpreter and I found it: it’s called Wordlift, a WordPress plugin that works as a SEO expert.

WordLift, in fact, helps Google to “decrypt” the posts by inserting them in a specific context and avoiding their “disambiguation”.

To put it simply, today the blog is a fundamental tool for personal branding. Google often does not understand the contents, unless they are written by SEO experts. WordLift is a tool that works as a translator of contents making them immediately understandable to the search engine.

This will make the content appear more easily within the search engine and increase traffic on the blog.

Let’s take a practical example: when Google reads a post, it does not recognize the meaning of a word inserted in the text.  To be understood, that term must be disambiguated and classified.

With Wordlift, that word is transformed into an entity that Google understands.

An entity is anything on the web that has a clear definition for the search engine. In short, while the keyword is a term that the search engine interprets., an entity is instead a clear term, defined and in a format readable by Google.

I  am quite skilled with the SEO language, I am self-taught but with Wordlift I could appreciate a significant increase in search traffic on my blog for the keywords that interest me.

And the plugin, once installed is very easy to use and the tutorials you find on the site explain in a very clear way how to use it.

I really wanted to share with you this innovative method to increase traffic on the blog because I know how hard the lives of us bloggers.

And of course, being my essentially a fashion blog I could not accompany this post with a look! To know what I’m wearing, go to my instagram @dontcallmefashionblogger profile

how to increase traffic on the blog

Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

fashion blogger di roma, influencer over 40 amo condividere la mia passione per la moda e soprattutto definirmi l'unica, vera, originale (s) fashion blogger

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  1. Ughhh I absolutely LOVE this look! You look magnificent! The leopard and red accessories look amazing together! Thank you for sharing your tips. I use blogger, so maybe I need to find something similar…

    -PerlaGiselle |

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