How to enhance broad shoulders

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Are you a former swimmer like me or have you just been blessed with luck? Today I will explain to you how to enhance broad shoulders with the halter neck. I chose a mint green dress found on Baby On Line!

come valorizzare le spalle larghe

Today I will tell you how to enhance broad shoulders with the the halter neck.

I chose a beautiful mint green halter neck dress that I found on Baby On Line Dresses and that you can buy here;

On this site you can find lots of prom dresses under 100!

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The halter neck is the ideal choice when we need to enhance broad shoulders

If broad shoulders are your strong point then bet on the American-style neckline, because thanks to the particular shape it manages to underline all the advantages.

It is ideal if you have important shoulders and not overly prosperous breasts, otherwise avoid it like the plague.

The risk you run is to look like the sister of the Colossus of Rhodes!

Where to wear a maxi dress with a halter neck

This type of neckline is perfect for the beach. In fact, I wore my new maxi dress for a drink on the beach.

The location of these shots is in fact the Singita Miracle Beach of Fregene, a very popular place for young and diversly  young people to admire the sunset between one drink and another.

Think that the sunset is celebrated with the gong! You’ve already seen it here.

How to have perfect shoulders?

How to enhance broad shoulders if we do not have them? First let’s try to work on what we have.

The ideal sport for having broad shoulders is swimming.

I am a former water polo player, did you know? Yeah, I started as a holder and captain in the B series and I came to make the reserve in the A series.

Then I gave up because I realized that I had turned into a Minotaur, horns apart of course.

But even if you don’t know how to swim you can still try to enhance your shoulders by choosing the neckline in a strategic way.

If you have the pear shape, in fact, you can choose a dress or a top with wide straps and a V-neck.

If you have thin shoulders, opt for a round neckline and thin straps.

In short, rest assured, there is always a solution to enhance your shoulders

how to enhance broad shoulders

prom dresses under 100

singita miracle beach

come valorizzare le spalle

how to enhance broad shoulders

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  1. I dont like halter neck dresses, sorry, but the dress suits you so well and it’s a baby online dress wowwww!!
    Captain Francesca you are amazing!!

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