How to dress in Skiathos in the evening

Good morning from the sunny and sultry Sporades island, today we talk about how to dress in Skiathos in the evening and I show you the perfect look to face the heat and still be super glam and why not … even sexy!

come vestirsi a skiathos

Here is the first post about our holidays in Greece and we start immediately with a small guide on how to dress in Skiathos in the evening.

Here the nightlife is very active but it is very hot, that’s why you have to dress lightly without sacrificing style.

How to dress in Skiathos in the evening then?

I chose the classic little black dress with embroidered details (that you can buy here and the heart shaped neckline that I found on Babyonline, where you can find many other sexy evening dresses.

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Why I chose it: in Skiathos city the nightlife is really effervescent, there are lots of bars, restaurants and bars.

However, there are two very negative points in my opinion: it is very hot and above all the streets are steep and very slippery.

So in addition to light dressing, I recommend wearing shoes without heels or with a large heel … very wide!

Just last night I saw a lady (Italian) with a pair of very high heels tumbling down an alley!

The little black dress is a versatile garment

If you have little space in your suitcase you should focus on the classic little black dress, because by changing the accessories you can create many different looks.

In practice it is a real passe partout!

In today’s look I paired it with golden / bronze-colored accessories and the leopard prints of Stella McCartney’s Falabella bag!

But if we change bag belt and shoes, here you can create a totally different look.

What to do in Skiathos in the evening

Chiara, our travel blogger, has written a very interested post on this enchanting Greek island and that I invite you to read here.

The nightlife takes place all in a patch of land, the tiny town of Skiathos.

You can go down to the port where you will find thousands of restaurants or take a nice walk on the main street (and the only one where you don’t risk breaking your neck) Papadiamantis Street, full of bars and shops.

Last night we went to eat in a really top restaurant. It is called Karnagio and it is located in the part of the new harbor which, rest assured, is attached to the old port which is attached to Papadiamantis Street.

Because, as I told you, here everything is concentrated in a small space, only that to move you need a certain balance !! In comparison, roller coasters are a joke!

tubino nerohow to dress in skiathos

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