how to dress for a wedding in the evening and….

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How to dress for a wedding in the evening … and pick the wrong  day! Today I will tell you about our tragicomic adventure that risked getting me a divorce!

Come vestirsi a un matrimonio di seraUm … um …. how to dress for a wedding in the evening?

The answer is easy: on Google there are millions of research results on how to dress for a wedding in the evening and above all there are the rules of etiquette.

Let’s see together what are the minimum requirements on how to dress for a wedding in the evening. Then we will also talk about how NOT to make mistakes on the day ….

The rules change only if the marriage is held in an informal place or if the bride gives different indications.

The dress must be long, at least up to the calf better if the ankle.

No total black, do not go to a funeral, but yes to a black dress with colored accessories. No white because you are not married and yes to the colors.

If the marriage is in church the shoulders must be covered as a sign of respect.

No to transparent or too low-cut clothes for the reason mentioned above

No to maxibag and yes to clutch bags

My look was perfectly in line with the rules on how to dress for a wedding in the evening: Maje long pink satin dress, Desmo gold clutch bag, golden sandals and Athena Gioielli jewelry.

Too bad, however, that the day was not the right one ……

In fact, all dressed up, I dragged Hubby and son up to the Church of S. Bartolomeo in Isola Tiberina on a Tuesday at the end of August.

We incredibly parked near the island and, since we were early, we took these pictures.

Then we walked towards the church and the first thing that has jumped to the eye is that the square in front of it was deserted.

At that point we looked over the door of the church and we saw that it was empty and that there were not even the decorations!

Inside the church there were only three people gathered in prayer that when they saw the 3 “aliens” dressed up they began to laugh!

At that point from the eyes of the husband daggers were sticking and I seriously thought that he would throw me into the Tiber.

“You certainly have taken the wrong day,” he said

“They have canceled the wedding” I thought …

Back in the car I checked the invitation and ….. I found out that the wedding would take place 4 days later !!!

Husband and son wanted to “divorce” me and it’s a miracle that I’m still alive!

So if my advices on how to dress for a wedding in the evening are essentially 5 my advice on how not to make a mistake with the day is only one : check the invitation !!!!!

come vestirsi per un matrimonio di sera

How to dress for a wedding in the evening

come vestirsi per un matrimonio di sera

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Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

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2 Responses

  1. Hello franscesca
    Imagine if it was your wedding !!!
    You were thinking that your fiancé had given up on you !!! And now you would not be married, you would not have a son, you would not have that wonderful life with your family, you would not have made all these wonderful trips together, you would not have that wonderful Bag (the other post) Ahahahahhaha You can’t make a mistake like that, the world will not be the same with such mistakes !!
    You look so wonderful in this dress and with these breathtaking accessories that your husband, I bet, married you twice!


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