Today let’s talk about how to dress for a barbecue. Each barbecue has its own specific look and in some cases a bikini may also be suitable. The important thing is you have something to cook, don’t do like me! I forgot to put the meat on the grill!

how to dress for a barbecueHow to dress for a barbecue? It all depends on the context in which the barbecue takes place. On some occasions, a bikini perhaps a little more “discreet” than the normal two-piececarrie may also be suitable.

For a barbecue on our terrace I chose a bikini with a very particular top, thanks to the pom poms, and a high-waisted brief. I found it here (search ID 1246965). And with the Q2Selvaggia discount code you will be entitled to a 15% discount on all orders over € 39 placed on SHEIN.

How to dress for a barbecue: outfit ideas for everyone

The type of clothing depends on the context in which the barbecue is turned and on its time.

If the barbecue takes place in the pool in the evening two looks are needed, one with a dress and one in a swimsuit (preferably whole).

If the swimming pool is missing, a cute and light dress and ultra-flat sandals are enough to avoid reaching the end of the evening with sore feet.

But if there are poolside seats then you can also dare the high heel.

If the barbecue takes place during the day then it is better to opt for a fresh and comfortable look such as a pair of shorts or a sundress and if there was also a swimming pool, bring a costume.

Another recommendation: bring a hat too!

And for a barbecue on the terrace? The same rules as above apply!

Grilled meat or fish?

In addition to thinking about how to dress for a barbecue, when you are the hosts you must also think about the food to be grilled and don’t do like me, which obviously I only thought about dressing and not the raw material!

We have done 5 barbecues since we refitted the terrace and in all we chose the meat, simply because it was easier to find nearby.

Together with the meat we also grilled bread and aubergines creating tasty bruschetta.

Instead, we never managed to grill fish, too lazy to go to the fish market.

But in late August we will make amends and invite some friends for a healthy grilled fish! The important thing is to always accompany it with bruschetta and grilled vegetables.

Did you attend any barbecue?

come vestirsi per un barbecue

How to dress for a barbecue

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