How to dress at 40? As a fashion influencer over 40 (almost 50) this post was due for some time, here are some tips for those who are over 40 like me who want to dress fashionably without worrying about conventions.

how to dress at 40Today we talk about how to dress at 40, indeed over 40 indeed almost 50 . Oh yes, because I’m 48 years old but I don’t think at all about dressing like a nun who ran away from the convent.

If it were for my husband, I would have to go out with an apron, my head covered with a handkerchief and maybe even grow a mustache.

He remained with the somewhat archaic notion that women after 40 should stay behind the stove and be a housewife.

I can’t figure out why he married me since I can’t cook and I’m certainly not a housewife!

How to dress at 40 without being held up as the reincarnation of Satan?

The first rule to follow when we think about how to dress at 40 is to like yourself.

And if you like transparent and a little sexy things like this polka dot shirt that I found on Femme Fine Luxury, don’t worry and buy it. Of course you can’t think of wearing it without anything underneath because this is absolutely inappropriate at any age!

It is something that is often seen on models in fashion shows or in some social event but that goes against common sense and the rules of etiquette. It is not a question of bigotry but of good taste. Because you don’t know if the sight of your nakedness could offend someone.

That’s why I chose to wear the transparent blouse over a black tank top with reinforced cups. But in a different context we can also wear a white tank top.

An adequate way not to overdo the transparencies.

Of course I would never have worn this shirt with a bra, it is not suitable for my age or my body, here it is better to cover hahahahahaha!

What to avoid after 40 years

I thought about dedicating a series of posts about fashion after 40 because I think sharing can be really useful to eradicate the various prejudices that are around.

But one thing is certain: there are things that we over 40 must avoid like the plague.

Here they are:

Too short miniskirts: even if we have a perfect physique, too short skirts are not for us. It’s okay to show your legs but let’s not show the B side too. The same goes for shorts.

Exaggerated transparencies: see above

Excessively high heels: here I open a chapter on meadows, it is not that it is not appropriate for a woman over 40 to wear very high heels but it is a matter of safety.

I’ve always worn very high heels but once I crossed the threshold of 45 I started to falter. It’s probably also a matter of sight that makes me less confident on heels.

Discover the belly: crop tops after 40 years? Yes, but with some care that you can read here.

It is not absolutely true that after 40 years the hair must be worn short, the hair must be natural and it can be long!

See you soon with other posts on the topic!

come vestirsi a 40 anni

how to dress at 40

how to dress at 40

how to dress at 40

Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

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