How to choose your bikini at 40

Today we talk about how to choose your bikini at 40, or rather first of all we try to clarify a fundamental point: after 40 it is better to wear a one-piece swimsuit or to dare a bikini? And in this case which model is more suitable? Here are the answers I have found in these 9 years …..

bikini at 40How to choose your bikini at 40? Well first of all we have to fight the prejudice that after 40 would like us all with a nice burka.

I say no to any burka, at most I can put on the fashion mask ah ah ah ah.

But I agree with the common thought that you cannot wear everything freely but this does not depend so much on age as on the correct use your brains, commonly called common sense.

I chose to wear this leopard print bikini that I found here (search ID1202625). And with the Q2Selvaggia discount code you will be entitled to a 15% discount on all orders over € 39 placed on SHEIN.

Is it better to wear a one piece or 2 pieces swimsuit after 40?

For all the bigots of the world, women over 40 should rigorously wear a swimsuit. And in addition we “old women” should wear short hair and long skirts.

Indeed an apron would be more suitable.

Instead I think it all depends on your body shape, you can be a 20 year old and not have a body suitable for a bikini or be a beautiful 60 year old and have a perfect body for the classic two-piece.

I never felt very comfortable with a one piece swimsuit even when I was a kid. Lately I have reviewed some photos of a 18 year old me in Sardinia in which I was wearing a not very discreet one-piece swimsuit thanks to the fluorescent colors.

Well, in short, I was looking at myself and I could see that the one piece swimsuits don’t sit well with me and this really depends on my ultra-flat body. I have no curves and I look like a rectangle.

Now I have finally found one with padded breasts that suits me well  but I think that as long as the body holds I will use the bikini.

So basically the choice between one-piece swimsuit and bikini is dictated by the type of physicality you have.

So green light to the bikini at 40 years? It depends on the model

Which bikini to choose at 40?

Given that for me the thong is really not recommended for everyone because it is really vulgar, when we think about which bikini to choose at 40 we must necessarily give more relevance to the brief.

If before the age of 40 it may be appropriate to wear a panty brief, after the age of 40 and especially in the presence of children it is better to choose a more tempered brief, like the one I wear.

For printing and colors the choice is free but I recommend leopard prints only to those with a light complexion like mine to avoid too vulgar an effect.

Are you more bikini or one-piece?

bikini at 40

Selvaggia Capizzi

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