How to choose the right sweater

The Fashion Mob team today gives you some useful tips on how to choose the right sweater for your style and how to match it. 4 sweaters for 4 different looks!
come scegliere il maglione giusto

The sales are still ongoing and it’s time to buy the winter 2019 sweaters, as it is still cold. How to choose the right sweater?

We at The Fashion Mob, the team of Italian fashion influencers to which I belong, went to discover the coolest and most suitable sweaters for our style and today we explain our choices and how we matched them.

If you have a romantic and dreamer soul like Ida then your color is pink and the right sweater is soft and equipped with many ribbons. Ida has matched her cardigan with a pair of jeans with pearls and a slit on the bottom.

If you are eclectic like Nadia choose a chunky sweater. A wraparound and cool garment whose softness is enhanced by light colors. And pair it with a pair of not too baggy boyfriend jeans.

If you have a bon ton style like Fabrizia, choose a cozy sweater in a color that matches perfectly jeans or blue. At this point you can also add a more glamorous detail like leopard print shoes.

If you have a hippie mood and are passionate about folk style, like me, then choose a sweater with feathers and pair it with flared jeans.

In my case the green sweater with the inscription Dolly is by Guardaroba, it is wide ribbed and has a veil of blue feathers at the bottom. I played it with a pair of Free People’s nice bottom jeans.

In any case, the important thing when we think about how to choose the right sweater is that the sweater reflects your personality like the rest of the look.

There is nothing more ungainly than a woman who dresses following the trends even if they do not reflect their way of being.

Soon we will show you other looks that we have taken in this beautiful store.

Ph. credits Chiara Gasbarri

come scegliere il maglione giusto

how to choose the right sweater

Tips of the day

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