How to choose the right jewel

Today we talk about how to choose the right jewel based on your complexion, look, occasion and if it is possible to mix silver and gold! Some may believe that it is an hazard but I think that it is manageable!
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How to choose the right jewel? Simple, first you have to look in the mirror!

The look and the complexion are the main factors when it comes to wearing jewelry.

We often choose jewels only because we like them but often we do not realize that maybe they are not good for us.

Being aware of your complexion is crucial when we think about how to choose the right jewel.

If you have a very fair complexion, it is better to choose gold while olive skins are fine with both silver and gold.

For several years, silver has been the most used metal for jewelry, while gold has only recently returned to the forefront among the 2019 spring summer jewelry trends.

How to choose the right jewel for the look we wear? The first rule is to not mix styles, if the look is rock, it wants rock jewelry, possibly in silver, if the look is folk or 70s it’s better to choose jewels that are inspired by 70s fashion both in silver and gold.

And if the look is classic? You have various possibilities: either stick to the classy chic style with plain  jewels, preferably in gold or spice it up with rather flashy jewels.

And now let’s move on to a question that many people ask themselves: can we mix different metals? The answer is yes indeed gold and silver look good together, the important thing is that the style is the same.

Never mix ethnic jewelry with a classic one or rock jewelry with folk jewels.

The jewels must all have the same style.

Do jewels have to be many or few? It depends on the look and your personality, I am to abound and remember that a few years ago the trend of the arm party exploded, that is to cover the wrists with the greatest number bracelets.

Trend that continues today together with that of the statement necklaces like the one with the stones I wear in one of these photos.

I, as you will have understood, love flashy jewels and sometimes I felt criticized for this choice. But the reality is that I am what I am, I have no identity crisis and if I like excessive things, others have to do with it.

come scegliere il gioiello giustocome scegliere il gioiello giusto

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how to choose the right jewel

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