Are you on the threshold of the fateful “40s”? Today I give you an original idea of how to celebrate 40s in a carefree and funny way, surrounded by family, friends and beloved ones!

come festeggiare 40 anni

How to celebrate 40s without thinking too much about age and having ? I assure you that it can be done!

If twenty years ago they told me that I would have reached 40 like this I would never have believed it.

And for “like this” I do not mean something aesthetic.

That “like this” means: so aware of myself, so satisfied, so happy with my life. It took my whole life to figure out who I am and what I want, and I’m still working on it, but I’m sure I know exactly what I do not want anymore.

At the age of 40, I am fully aware that I no longer have any intention of spending my time with people who do not belong to my life.

And that’s why 2018 gave me a more aware “feeling” (which turned into a trip to Malta organized in just 10 minutes just to be able to swim with the dolphins, in a surf course started on a Saturday afternoon whatever January, in a plane ticket to Sardinia, land that I have never seen, where I will do a windsurfing course …).

When I thought about how to celebrate 40s, I thought the only possible way was at the beach, at sunset and with my family. All my family. My beautiful sisters Paola and Francesca, my beloved nephew, friends who are all that you might want when you say the word friend (in the dictionary I think there is written “Friends: by definition take for example those of Alix, they are the maximum expression “) my mother (isn’t she beautiful?!) and with whom, for years, more or less voluntarily share all my possible madness: D: D

And if I can wish myself and everyone something for the future it is to live, to live fully, without half measures.

Love yourself, your life and that of others. Love the earth and respect it. Live your days, even the most mundane, with the awareness of the marvel they bring with them, because every moment has beautiful and unrepeatable.

Happy birthday and not everyone!

Alix non-conventional forty

how to celebrate 40s

Tips of the day:

  • If you are looking for ideas on how to celebrate 40s but you were born in the winter season I suggest you do the same thing I did in the mountains or in a country house!
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Alice Magliano

Alice Magliano

Fitness, beauty blogger, fashion blogger “Podista pollista” ecco come amo definirmi. Perchè in fondo ci vuole sempre qualcuno che arrivi ultimo alle gare… e quella mediamente sono io!

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  1. Beautiful photoset. $0s are so distant to me, I’m still in my 20s but I do hope my 40s will be just like my 20s, happy and energetic!

  2. So happy 40’s in great style. I just loved your words and the way you face life. This post inspire me so much because is the exact way i think.
    We must get rid of what bring us bad feelings and thoughts and toxic energies, and do just what we like or live with those that are really our friends and family. Enjoy life, enjoy the 40’s.
    Big kiss

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