how to become a fashion influencer

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How to become a fashion influencer? Here are some practical tips and really easy to follow to become a “celebrity” for those who really believe it! The reality is that ….. you have to work and even a lot!come diventare fashion influencer

The question that many girls under 18 often ask themselves is how to become a fashion influencer.

Yes, because when I went to high school, the most frequent question I was asked was: who is the most popular in your school? And I answered with candor: Myriam! And everyone was amazed that I did not care that I wasn’t the most “beautiful”. But I had other aims: I wanted to be the smartest. I do not think I have achieved my goal but at least I tried hard!

Today, however, the trend of thought more credited between under and over 18 is how to become a fashion influencer. Fashion that has also infected the various wannabe celebrities so that today they all have a blog or social media pumped with fake numbers.

So let’s see how to become a fashion influencer in just a few steps.

Fashion blog or not?

Of this I have already spoken here. Today to become a fashion blogger starting from scratch is hard. You have to emerge in a sea of ​​competitors so you need, in order: a good web platform, a good webmaster, nice photos, something to say that is different from others and above all so much money to invest. But if you want some more advice follow me on my IGTV where you can find my blogging lessons here, here and here.

Social: which ones?

In my guide on how to become a fashion influencer, social media have a significant part.

Which social? We need two at the moment: Instagram and Facebook. Instagram is now becoming predominant especially with the advent of the stories and now of IGTV.

Probably the IGTV will take the place of Youtube since the features are the same. In practice it is possible to build your own TV channel directly on Instagram. I advise you not to use the material of the stories for your personal TV but to produce original content that entices your video readers.

If you post beautiful contents on Instagram, feed the stories and open your IGTV channel you can also do without the fashion blog.


On the photos do not mess around: they must be of excellent quality and creative. Many Instagrammers even use the same filter to create a homogeneous profile board. You can follow this trend or not, the important thing is that the photos are beautiful!

One last tip on how to become a fashion influencer: you must have patience, perseverance and above all a great desire to work.

Yes … you understood well … work. It’s not a game. I spend at least 8-10 hours between PCs and smartphones. Then there is the time to devote to the shots, respond to e-mails, do networking etc …..

Who thinks that fashion influencer = slacker has just misunderstood and I can say that having worked at full speed in large multinational companies.

So if you think it’s a just a walk in the park …. think twice. You have to work…. a lot!

Ah and if you want to  laugh … read also the post about the husbands of fashion bloggers …..

how to become a fashion influencer

Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

fashion blogger di roma, influencer over 40 amo condividere la mia passione per la moda e soprattutto definirmi l'unica, vera, originale (s) fashion blogger

2 Responses

  1. Hi Francesca
    Yes it’s true, we have to work a lot !!!
    I don’t consider myself an inflencer or a fashion blogger, I like to tell stories and I like clothes. I don’t like youtubers don’t like to watch videos.
    My work will always be on blog and instagram. so I know I will not like IGTV. Anyone who does an honest job will always be able to differentiate himself from others, I see those 18 year olds girls who have nothing to say comment only on photos just to have views on their blogs, in this way they have never been able to capture the attention of others and will only be one in the midst of many. Lots of work and persistence.
    My fear is to be uninspired !!!

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