High waisted maxi skirt by Disbanded

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Milan Fashion Week September 2018. Here is my third look by Disbanded. A high waisted maxi skirt that I have fallen madly in love with and that has made a fury on the streets of Milan. Today I will tell you some anecdote.maxi gonna a vita alta

A high waisted maxi skirt with original prints and intense colors was the star of my third look at Milan Fashion Week 2018.

An outfit entirely by Disbanded and framed by the jewels of Athena Gioielli.

Disbanded was born from the meeting of the artist, Sara Digiovanni and the creative Tania Mazzoleni.
Together they have created a clothing line represented by a pop mood. Each garment is practically a work of art, like this high waisted maxi skirt, which belongs to the Off Duty Icons SS19 collection.

In the next days I will show you also the looks, always by  Disbanded, worn by Fabrizia, Ida, Martina and Nadia, my colleagues of The Fashion Mob, the team of Italian fashion influencers to which I belong.

Behind these beautiful photos of Chiara Gasbarri there are many stories.

They were taken in front of the Fendi fashion show where we saw, with lots of bodyguards, a very exhausted Olivia Palermo, who seems to have hit a wall in the race!

At the exit instead we found the granitic Anna Dello Russo that was also immortalized in several shots along with Fabrizia and Nadia.

Instead I am looking for a picture that was taken by a guy after the show, when I collapsed, destroyed, inside a courtyard.

A picture that I would have taken too, to show the background of the shows and how hard it is to stay all day on his heels!

milano fashion week 2018 street style

high waisted maxi skirt

Tips of the day

  • The high waisted maxi skirt should be worn with a close-fitting top, otherwise the wedding favor effect is guaranteed.
  • It is now beginning to get chilly, let’s dust off the recipe for pasta and beans with pressure pot.
  • Are you already thinking about the next trip? Try New York!
Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

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