Happy birthday Levi’s 501

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Today we want to say happy birthday to the most iconic jeans of all time, celebrating the Levi’s 501 day. You have accompanied us by sea and mountains and here are the best wishes we have thought for you!

Happy bday Levi’s 501!

Thinking about it doesn’t seem true. It was the 1873 when Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis went into business and patented the first work trousers for the pioneers of the West: pockets reinforced with copper rivets at the points most subject to wear. It was the first version of the Levi’s 501 jeans, initially called XX.

On May 1873 the two partners deposited the first patent in history for the use of rivets in men’s trousers. An American icon is born.

The real spread of blue jeans came with the Second World War, as American soldiers used to wear them when they were not in service.

But it was from the fifties that they gained international fame, becoming the leader par excellence among young people. In particular, their use by Hollywood stars gave them great popularity, especially after being worn by James Dean in “Rebel Without a Cause” (1955), a symbolic film of adolescent rebellion.
In May we celebrate the Levi’s 501 Day: on the occasion of the 145th anniversary, some very special 501 models were made, the limited edition 501 features a selvedge with Levi’s 501 writing and golden buttons and two other limited edition models are out.
In these years of blogging,  Levi’s has accompanied us in all our travels, in discoveries, in our adventures to discover the world.

In our opinion, the 501 is the timeless and always up-to-date garment able to go beyond time and beyond fashion.

We just have to say “happy birthday 501

Alessia & Mattia Lo Re

levi's 501

levi's 501

levi's 501

Tips of the day

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Alessia Lo Re

Alessia Lo Re

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