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You don’t have hair pins with words yet? Then you are OUT hahahahaha!!! Today I tell you where to buy them at a cheaper price than I paid!
fermagli con scritte

If you don’t yet have hair pins with words, today I tell you where to buy them, also taking advantage of my not so positive experience.

Yes because, after the maxi headband, and more precisely before leaving for Bali, I got obsessed with hair pins with words.

My hair, left in the wild, is unmanageable and I need something to contain it.

The hair pins with words seemed to me a great glam solution and indeed they were, as you can see in these photos.

Where to buy them? I immediately started searching on the web both in Italian (without results) and in English and here I came across an American on line store (of which I will not tell thename) that had them exactly with the writing and with the size I wanted!

I put in the cart two different types of hair pins with word: GLAM and Vibes.

I was happy to check out and realized that the shipping costs were higher than the cost of the hair pins, but by then I was now in the “I want them at all costs” stage, so I went forward and completed the operation.

After a few days I receive confirmation from the courier of the shipment and I discover that, although I had chosen the standard shipment, I had to pay another 20 euros of customs charges ……

In all, these blessed hair pins with words cost me 70 euros !!!!

But in Bali I used them a lot, both at the sea and in the monkey forest and at the Balinese houses.

When I came back from Bali, I checked and I realized that now both Amazon and Zalando and Asos are selling both hair clips with writing and at costs that are much lower than what I paid.

Now, imagine how I feel ……. but I assure you that when I looked for them they weren’t there on these sites.

It is the only consolation I have even if it is a shallow one.

So, my dear, if you like hair pins with words, now you know where to buy them and you also know that European sites often ship for free and have no customs charges.

hair pins with words

hair pins with words

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Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

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2 Responses

  1. Hi Francesca
    Ahahhah, sorry, 70€ for 2 hair clips, okay they are amazing!!
    I bought hair clips too but without words and I loved them just like you!!
    And in fact you look gorgeous with them I think they make all the difference in the photos!!

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