Golden maxi skirt: a real must have

A golden maxi skirt is a real must have for those who want to buy a garment that never goes out of style and that can be worn in all seasons. I found my beautiful goddess skirt at 24.25 Clothing, the Italian brand that dresses women 24 hours a day. Are you ready to climb Mount Olympus with me?

maxi golden skirtToday I show you a goddess look created thanks to the top and the golden maxi skirt by 24. 25 Clothing, the Made in Italy brand that dresses women with transversal looks that are adaptable 24 hours a day.

To complete the look I wore a golden leaf crown I bought in Athens in a fit of madness hahahahaha!

Yes, because in Rome I really can’t go around with it so it will remain among the useless relics purchased in my travels, waiting to use it for some shots or some stories.

Golden maxi skirt, why have one

Incredible but true, I didn’t have a golden maxi skirt being the queen of skirts and long dresses.

But to go to Greece I couldn’t not have one and I chose this one from 25. 25 Clothing, which I combined with a beige top from the same brand.

A golden maxi skirt is a truly timeless and very versatile classic because it can be worn both in winter and in summer, during the day or in the evening.

I chose a look suitable for an evening at a restaurant or in a club and that’s how we went to eat in Naoussa.

But now imagine the same skirt combined with a tank top and a denim jacket and you will understand that it can also be worn during the day.

In addition, metallic fabrics are comparable to neutral tones and can be combined with any other color.

They are also fabrics that are re-proposed in the collections of various fashion designers from year to year so they can be considered timeless classics.

So I would say that buying a long gold skirt can be a really good investment. By the way, now on the 24. 25 Clothing website there are discounts up to 50%, it is worth taking advantage of them and you can find my skirt by clicking here and it is also available in a dress version here.

Take advantage of the sales today to save tomorrow

In other previous posts we talked about how to take advantage of sales to save on future purchases.

A skirt like the one I wear is certainly a great purchase but there are other timeless items that are worth buying on sale and that can also be used in winter such as a jeans jacket or a leather jacket or a sheath dress.

I have been following this advice for some time and I must say that I am spending much less than in the past.

And do you buy consciously during the sales?

golden maxi skirt

golden maxi skirt

Selvaggia Capizzi

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