Today we talk about the gala dinner look (with social distancing) and I show you a gorgeous dress by M Missoni, from the spring summer 2020 collection, which fits well both for an important event and an evening with friends.

gala dinner lookDo you want an idea for a gala dinner look? This magnificent M Missoni dress from the spring summer 2020 collection is just right for the occasion.

I found it at Gav29 in Rome and I immediately fell in love with it because it reminds me a lot of the clothes my mother wore in the 70s.

It is a very versatile dress because it lends itself to both formal and informal occasions, you just need to change the accessories.

Gala dinner look, what to wear so as not to be out of place

When you think about a gala dinner look, you must first check out your invitation.

There can be essentially two dress codes: the black tie and the white tie but let’s say that the latter is reserved for formal ceremonies of the highest level and I highly doubt that most of us mere mortals can find ourselves attending such an event.

So if, as probable, it is a black tie dress code event then you can choose a dress like this or similar, the important thing is that it is elegant and long and that the accessories are important, such as a golden clutch bag and of course golden sandals with the heel.

Remember that for a black tie dress code there is no classic bag but only a small clutch bag in which to store powder and lipstick (the mobile phone is absolutely banned from the table).

In a gala dinner look, I would still avoid white or fabrics that can get dirty easily, do you know why? Because you can be skilled diners but always remember that the clumsy waiter is always lurking.

I personally happened to be “greased” by the waiter and obviously not have a change at hand.

Since this misadventure happened to me, I always dress in dark colors or with a fabric like that of this M Missoni dress.

Is M Missoni Missoni anyway?

Of course yes, Margherita Missoni, the granddaughter of the great Ottavio, explains it very well on the official Missoni website: “In the past it was Missoni, in my past, present and future there is Missoni, with M Missoni I wanted to play the B side of the same disk. ”

An irreverent, original and fun version of the historic brand.

This dress is just one of the many that you will find at Gav29, one of the most beautiful shops in Olgiata that I also recommended for the American Express online magazine.

Do you like it?



look per una cena di gala

look per una cena di gala

gala dinner look

gala dinner look

M Missoni dress

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    Thanks for the tips on the dress code of a black tie ceremony. If I go to any I already know that I will use dark colors. But as for your (wow) dress it is wonderful and you look like a mermaid with it !!

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