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At the beginning of Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger I was very focused on the role of “talent hunter” going to discover new brands and new artisans. Today I return actively to this role and introduce you to Manuela Pardu and her “versatile” clothing line.

From fashion blogger to talent hunter. Since 2011 a lot of water has passed under the bridge and something has inevitably been lost.

Initially, I was very dedicated to the discovery of new talents and Italian craftsmanship then, with the evolution of my fashion blog, this part has been diluted.

Today I’m back in the role of the talent hunter introducing you to Manuela Pardu, a DOC designer, who has solved my long-standing problem: how to buy a dress without trying it and being sure it’ll fit.

Let’s face it, but when I saw Manuela Pardu’s Instagram page, the first thing that caught the attention was the fabrics and prints, only after I discovered that, in reality, each of Manuela’s creations it can be adapted to various types of physicality.

The dress I wear in these photos, for example, is very versatile thanks to the elastic curling and the V-neck adjustable through the drawstring.

Although not adherent, the maxi dress enhances the female forms even when they are missing, as in my case.

Behind the realization of this dress like the other Manuela Pardu garments there is no improvisation but many years of study and a lot of care in choosing fabrics and searching for “versatility”.

In this case it is a super-refined viscose and absolutely …. 70s!

Another thing that absolutely convinced me is that I can safely put it in your suitcase because it does not shrink!

And so …… you will see me wearing it again in Crete in a completely different look!

Also because I have just discovered that the airline we fly with does not accept baggages weighing more than 20 kg, so I am forced to optimize my suitcase by bringing only items that can be mixed together …

See you at the next installment of “from fashion blogger to talent hunter“!

Tips of the day

  • If you want to see other creations of Manuela Pardu, in addition to the Instagam profile I recommend you visit her virtual shop where you will also find very interesting discounts
  • Manuela Pardu’s maxi dress is perfectly in line with 70s fashion, which has been around for 40 years!
  • If you are going to Prague with your children, read this post by Ludo!

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Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

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  1. Hello Francesca
    I must say to you that this dress is absolutly gorgeous and unique. Manuela shoud be proud of her work. The pattern the corlors the cut all is perfect and in harmony. I m in love.
    And you are stunning wearing this .master piece. The dress is even more beautiful in your body, in spite of what you said, and I dont agree.
    Lots of love

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