A floral silk dress and the Cretan sea! I’m kidding, this photo was taken in Fregene, as you can well see from the brown color of the sea! Today I tell you where to find this dress at very discounted price !!!vestito in seta a fiori

A brown sea had never been seen before. But not even a floral silk dress at a super affordable price!

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When you read this post we will travel to Crete, destination of our holidays and place where I wanted to take these pictures with the floral silk dress.

Then put the birthday of a friend, put a very cool establishment and a perfect light and here is the sea of ​​Crete turned into the sea of ​​Fregene!

Except for the color (brown) and the smell (vaguely of sewer).

The sea around Rome is so, in tune with the Tiber, that at the time of Virgil was called the “blond Tiber” and that now could be safely called “brown” if not “dark”.

If Rome is dirty, the sea of ​​Fregene is the direct projection of its filth. But we know that we Roman fight with the cleaning ……

In any case, in the end we must admit that the brown of the sea has been the perfect background for my floral silk dress, highlighting the colors, what do you think?

Now in Crete I hope to find a better sea and not to get out radioactive after having taken a swim!

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floral silk dress

Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

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  1. Hello franscesca
    The dress is amazing just like you !! I loved the photos and the floral of the dress, as for the color of the water … well in the sea of my city the color is also more or less that, any day I show in some photos.
    I loved the detail of the belt and the necklace !! Great styling !!



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