I have been featured on Stylish By Nature, a blog ran by the very kind Shalini whom  I have to thank a lot for giving me such a great opportunity!
I hope that you will enjoy the interview and pay a visit to her amazing blog who is now hosting a Boticca Giveaway!!!!


Stylish Bee ~ How long have you been blogging for? What is the name and where did the name of your blog come from? What is your blog about?
Francesca ~ I have been blogging for nine moths up to now. The name of the blog is Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger! I am blogging about real life outfits, that’s why I chose this name for the blog. Many Fashion Bloggers are just dressing up for the time of the shooting. I am going out with what I post!

Stylish Bee ~ How long have you had an interest in the fashion world?
Francesca ~ Since I was born, I guess

Stylish Bee ~ Where do you draw your inspiration from for outfits? 
Francesca ~ I am very inspired by my mother who is a real fashionista. So sometimes I just take one of her pictures and try to duplicate her outfits adding my personal interpretation.

Stylish Bee ~ Do you prefer to read a magazine or a blog?
Francesca ~ A blog of course!

Stylish Bee ~ Who or what do you aspire to be?
Francesca ~ Just myself!

Stylish Bee ~ What would you describe as the top 5 MUST HAVE’s for your wardrobe?
Francesca ~ A faux fur jacket. a maxiskirt, skinny jeans, high heels, a clutch.

Stylish Bee ~ Lookbook or Chictopia?
Francesca ~ I just joined Lookbook. I was coming from another platform  but I didn’t like what they made of it.

Stylish Bee ~ What are you doing when you’re not working on your blog?
Francesca ~ I am working on my real life job and taking care of my toddler.

Stylish Bee ~ What do you think is the best thing a blogger can give to his/hers readers?
Francesca ~ An independent opinion and some sharing of thoughts.

If you also wanna be picked up by Stylish Bee as Fabulous fashion blogger/Reader…just drop me an email (shalini@stylishbynature.com) and you may be the LUCKY one. 

Francesca Romana Capizzi

Francesca Romana Capizzi

fashion blogger di roma, amo condividere la mia passione per la moda e soprattutto definirmi l'unica, vera, originale (s) fashion blogger

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  1. Buongiorno Selvy! Bell'intervista, complimenti! E quanto è vera la risposta che hai dato alla prima domanda!!! Ed è uno dei tanti motivi per cui ho iniziato a seguire il tuo blog! Outfit belli, raffinati, fashion e soprattutto portabili nella vita di tutti i giorni, per uscire con le amiche, per andare al lavoro, ecc, ecc…
    Un bacione e ancora complimenti
    PS Ma sei stata così temeraria da tornare su a Bologna???

  2. 😀 FRancescaaaaaaaa, perchè non in Italiano?? okey che mi sto sforzando di imparare l'inglese, ma la traduzione non fa mai male hihihhi
    Ora lo traduco, mi ci metto d'impegno!
    (Dovresti sistemare la prima domanda che è uscita scritta accanto alla foto). Un bacione! 😀

  3. That's wonderful honey! I am so happy for you! Great interview love and always I LOVE your style!
    By the way in response to your comment on my blog post – Thank you for your comment love, thank you for following my blog, thank you for being so kind, and thank yourself for having a great blog! I'm glad that you like it and that you are flattered hun but you deserved it! 🙂