Feather earrings, boho chic style

Feather earrings are a real must have for those who, like me, embrace the boho chic style. Today I tell you why you must have them and where I found them!orecchini con le piume

As you all know, I am a real fan of the boho chic style and 70s fashion in general and I couldn’t miss the feather earrings, one of the key pieces of the boho style.

They are light and hypoallergenic and I found them here.

Why are feather earrings part of the boho chic style?

The boho chic style is a refined style that is free and colorful at the same time.

Long dresses with flounces, wide-brimmed hats, showy necklaces and jewel sandals are all part of the basic outfit of this timeless style.

Feather earrings are just as important when you want to interpret the boho chic style. And above all, they make immediately summer!

Anyone who loves this style is basically a free thinker. At least I love seeing myself like this.

The boho chic look is perfect for the hottest evenings!

The fabrics and jewels are light and fresh.

For this look I chose an off the shoulder blouse by Marciano, the asymmetrical skirt with flounces by Miss Sixty, the jewel sandals by Gardini Spirit.

And of course the feather earrings!

The destination was a well-known restaurant in Fregene, by the sea (radioactive) where the temperatures were just below the ones that ignite a cardiac arrest!

Fortunately, this look didn’t make me sweat the classic 7 shirts.

However the heat is better than the cold!

The earrings I have chosen are light, but above all they are hypoallergenic.

I don’t know about you but as a child I suffered tremendous allergies to nickel or other particular metals.

These reactions occurred not only when I wore the earrings but also with rings and bracelets.

I am still very allergic and I always have to pay close attention to what I wear.

The feather earrings in these photos do not give me any kind of allergic reaction and this is really a plus for me!

Also because I don’t like going around with my ears like a Buddha!

So, if like me you love the boho chic style then buy a nice pair (but also two) of feather earrings! Colors? Turquoise or fuchsia!

orecchini con le piume

feather earrings

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