Faux leather miniskirt by Kate Kasin

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Who said that after 40 you have to dress like cloistered nuns? Here I am at 48 with a burgundy faux leather miniskirt explaining why we women can do what we want. Are you ready?

minigonna ecopelle bordeauxYes I wear a burgundy faux leather miniskirt and I am 48 years old. In fact, in June I make 49.

Do you also think, together with my Husband, that I should go around dressed in a jute bag???

Well you picked the wrong person, I think I will go to the grave with 12 heels and a glittery dress.

Why buy a faux leather miniskirt if you are over 40 years old?

Well the answer is simple: at 40 or 50, we are much more aware of ourselves than when we were 20 years old.

So we are sure (unless we have some brain damage) to wear a leather or a faux leather miniskirt of the right color and length.

Because the truth is that there are many girls around with inguinal miniskirts not suitable for their age or weight.

At 15 I would never have dreamed of going around in too short a skirt, first because my mother would have put me in a cage and thrown away the key, second because I would have felt very uncomfortable, since I never had a excellent relationship with my body.

The burgundy faux leather miniskirt by Kate Kasin that I wear in these photos and that I found here, is fine for me both in color and in length.

That is, the color is sober and not too short. In short, it is suitable for a 48-year-old gal like me!

I paired it with a sweater with ruffles, a bucket bag and the croc print boots by Aldo Shoes that you have already seen here.

In winter we focus on looks with natural colors

As you can see, in this look I used 3 natural colors: beige, burgundy and brown.

While in summer these colors are not suitable because they recall the bleak autumn-winter season, they are now particularly suitable for blending in with nature.

Do not be fooled by the sunny days of these last weeks, remember that your personal cloud is always lying in wait, ready to spill on your head a quantity of water equal to that contained in the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Maybe if we get confused with trees and bushes we will not be identified and we will be spared what do you say?

minigonna in ecopelle

minigonna in ecopelle

faux leather miniskirt

faux leather miniskirt

faux leather miniskirt

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