Faux leather biker jacket by Gio Cellini

A faux leather biker jacket is always a great idea! Mine is by Gio Cellini and it is a preview of what we will find in stores next spring 2020!

faux leather biker jacketDo you like my faux leather biker jacket by Gio Cellini? Well you’ll have to wait until spring 2020 to find it in store!

As a fashion influencer it is my duty to give you a preview of the 2020 spring summer fashion trends and know that the faux leather biker jacket with writings will be among the most popular ones.

Thanks to the Giannantoni showroom in Rome I managed to take it with me to Venice, the setting for these shots by Chiara Gasbarri.

Who can buy a faux leather biker jacket?

Well first of all … me !! I have always had a weakness for biker jackets and I have really many of them.

The faux leather biker jacket is perfect for people like me who have a rock soul and collect leather jackets.

You can’t really spend a fortune on clothing, I know this too now, and leather, especially the quality one, costs.

Faux leather nowadays has the same wearability as leather, is cheaper and does not harm animals.

A faux leather biker jacket can therefore be more fanciful and more accessible than a leather jacket.

How to style a leather jacket

In this post I had already given you some useful advice, today I want to give some more information:

You can combine it with a total black look like I did, with faux leather leggings and black boots. Since the Texans with the stars are still trendy, I would say to buy a pair!

Or you can wear it with a tulle skirt for a real rock star look like this!

But be careful, this type of jacket looks great even with a pair of more classic cut trousers like those of a trouser suit and a white shirt.

Finally you can also combine it with jeans, preferably skinny ones!

These photos were taken in Venice during our stay at the Excess Venice Hotel, just before leaving.

I wanted at all costs a photo with a motorboat passing by, I waited for a while and in the end it passed.

In Venice you can go by boat or on foot. In addition to the various waterbuses there are motorboats, gondolas and boats of various types and if you look out over the Grand Canal the show is truly incredible.

It seems to see a highway …. in the water! I really don’t know how they do so few accidents because there is not one that goes in a set direction but everyone does what they like.

There are no traffic lights, there don’t seem to be any rules. Yet they manage to get home healthy and dry !!

giacca biker in ecopelle

giacca biker in ecopelle

faux leather biker jacket

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