Fashion week, all you have to know about it

Today we talk about fashion week: London, New York, Milan, Paris and Dubai! All you need to know to attend fashion shows in the various cities without losing too much time. And also some background that might be useful as well.

Today we talk about fashion week: not so much of the catwalks and what I’ve just seen.

I’d like to talk about the many doubts / questions that some of you ask me about how to attend the fashion shows or what’s behind the fashion week. After Milan, New York, Paris, London and Dubai I can finally make a good report, hoping to help those of you who would like to participate.

First of all: there are no tickets that can be bought!

In fact, to attend the fashion week shows, tickets can not be purchased.

Usually we are contacted, or we contact, the press offices. E-mail addresses can be found easily on the web.

They are in charge of the promotion of the event and to choose whether to give the opportunity to a journalist / fashion blogger to participate in the fashion show if it is considered to be in a target with the brand.

However, take my personal and dispassionate advice: always remember that those who go to the fashion shows give the brand the opportunity to increase the awareness about that specific collection.

Through photos, words, stories we act as intermediaries between the designer and the final public who will buy the items.

So remember that you are not asking for a favor but you are offering an opportunity for mutual benefit, you enjoy the fashion show and the brand gets further visibility in return.

Of course the fashion shows that take place during the fashion week not only participate in journalists / fashion bloggers but also buyers or fashion experts (in some fashion shows you can also see the friend of his cousin with his grandmother and great-grandmother who can not wait to see Fiorello who will participate in the graceful parade as a guest of honor).

Which designer in which city? Let’s take the example of the fashion week just ended in Milan: one might think that ithe designers are always the same, and yet in this edition there has been some no show.

For some seasons now, Philipp Plein has not presented his collection in Milan, while Dsquared2 and Diesel have unified their collections and offer them during the men’s fashion week. Absent of this edition is Gucci, who presented his fashion show in Paris on September 24th. What does this mean?

Is Milan losing its appeal or are there other interests that we do not know behind?

In any case it is better to try to follow all the fashion weeks, because now there is a certain degree of unpredictability. We are not crazy to go from New York, to London then run to Milan and teleport to Paris (these just mentioned are the four most important cities where fashion week is held)!

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fashion week

fashion week

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