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How much people like to put labels: the newspapers do nothing but talk about “fashion victims” as in men or women who are “victims” of fashion. Today I tell you why we must not accept to be considered passive subjects.

When I chose to make the T-shirts and sweatshirts of the (S) Fashion Collection  I immediately thought of the term fashion victims.

I had one thing in mind specifically: a scene from the movie I Love Shopping: the moment of the sales rush. When the protagonist and a group of women elbowed to grab the best garment as real fashion victims, or rather victims of fashion.

The book and the film were undoubtedly a brilliant idea because they reflect the feeling, some of us, of pleasure in buying something we like but that does not mean that we are sheep who do not think about what they do.

The term fashion victim is often used, inappropriately, by fashion magazines to define fashion enthusiasts: “the most wanted bag by fashion victims“, “all fashion victims have already bought the must-have shoes of the moment”.

And even in the collective imagination, the woman who dresses in fashion and with care is considered a bit frivolous.

Do you want an example? A few years ago I decided to move from an American multinational company to an Italian company. I went to the job interview in a pant suit and as a detail I chose a thin Gucci belt with the logo buckle.

I’m hired and after a while my colleague tells me: “you have to dress less flashy, at the interview you showed up with a huge buckle belt! And then you have too high heels, others think you have little brain”

My answer was: “Holy man, after 10 years of a rising career  if I’m here in a rather high position, it will mean that I have got some brains”

I omit the thought that clearly crossed his empty pumpkin head and that he immediately abandoned when I glared at him.

A label, here’s what we’re talking about. A cliché. The bad habit of those with a poorly structured thought.

If I like fashion, it does not mean that I am a victim of it and that I have no brains. It simply means that in addition to work and family, I also like fashion.

That’s why, in an ironic way, we are all (un) fashion victims do not you believe?

Bag by Les Jeunes Etoiles

Jewels by Athena Gioielli

fashion victims

fashion victim 

fashion victim

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Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

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