fashion trends fall winter 2018-2019

Today we see together what are the fashion trends fall winter 2018-2019, along with leopard print look, folk or western style there is also the trend of wearing different earrings!tendenze moda autunno inverno 2018-2019

The fashion trends fall winter 2018-2019 are many but those that impressed me the most are few ….. but good.

Let’s see together the 3 fashion trends fall winter 2018-2019 we must adopt and that will be in vogue also next year and why. And we do it through the The Fashion Mob team.

Women must be a direct descendant of the leopard or cheetah. In any case, the leopard print look is one again back to the limelight and we can finally pull out all our beautiful leopard garments we had put in the back of the closet. The streets will be filled with leopards, cheetahs, jaguars, but since in general the animal prints will be in fashion there will also be tigers, zebras and snakes, a beautiful zoo in the city!

Folk style or western style. Of folk style as you know I am a champion and the fact that it is also present among the fashion trends fall winter 2018-2019 is a great joy for me. In fact, the look I wear in these photos is definitely of folk taste with the floral print dress and sandals with studs. I love the western style too and soon you can see other cowgirl looks on this fashion blog. How many of you know who Calamity Jane is ??? It was the female version of Buffalo Bill. But in reality, if you see the photos ….. of feminine she had very little, let’s say that then we will look like so many cowgirls!

Earrings different from each other. Main trend of the 80s fashion is also repeated among the fashion trends fall winter 2018-2019. And this is a very, very useful trend especially if you are distracted like me. I have thousands of unpaired earrings, I lose one a day! Finally I can recycle all the single earrings I have!

Why are these the fashion trends fall winter 2018-2019 to buy or follow?

Because the animal print is a bit like parsley, it’s fine everywhere. Buying an animalier garment today means investing in the long term.

The folk style or the western style will be in fashion in the next few years because now we are all in love with the carefree air of the folk style and the one made of fringes and leather such as the western style . And then … the cowboy boots are so comfortable!

For the unpaired earrings the truth is that we will continue to lose earrings so better always think about the fact that two different earrings will always be in fashion right?

cosa indosseremo questo inverno

cosa indosseremo questo inverno

fashion trends fall winter 2018-2019

Tips of the day

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