fashion of the 70s, what to buy now!

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Today we talk about fashion of the 70s, because it is the one that I love the most and that really represents me. What should you buy now? We talk about it through The Fashion Mob and the beautiful M Missoni suit I wear in these photos!fashion of the 70s

The fashion of the 70s  never goes out of ….. fashion.

For over 40 years, every season, the designers offer garments and moods inspired by the carefree fashion of the 70s.

Today I want to talk about it through this pictures taken with The Fashion Mob, the team of Italian fashion influencers, and our M Missoni outfits, in particular the knitwear-pantssuit I wear.

The main characteristic of the trousers belonging to the fashion of the  70s was the flare bottom.

The 60s, instead, were dominated by the skinny model.

The fashion of the 70s wanted to break links with the past so the pants had to be rigorously flared from the knee down! They are best remembered as bell-bottoms.

Also in the 70s, the chevron print was very popular, that is a particular type of weft that is characterized by the zig zag pattern. Shirts, trousers and dresses were dominated by an endless series of inverted “v”, which form parallel lines.

Missoni is certainly the designer who has been able to make the most of the chevron print, making it a real trademark.

The fashion of the 70s also had fringes as protagonists: coats, bags, necklaces must necessarily have the western touch that only fringes can give.

And the hair? The 70s fashion wanted them to be strictly straight, parted in the middle or with bangs. Who had curly hair like me had to iron straighten it!

So if you want to be free spirits and adhere to the mood of the fashion of the 70s get yourself a nice pair of bell-bottoms, chevron prints as if they were raining, fringes and ……. keep your hair straight!

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Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

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