Ta daaaah! Surprisingly today on the blog a look inspired by the fashion of the 50s characterized by a longuette skirt and a romantically simple blouse! And of course there’s a story behind it …moda anni 50

We have never talked about the fashion of the 50s on this fashion blog, while 70s fashion has been widely discussed.

This look composed of a Lilysilk blouse and skirt in soft silk finally gives me the opportunity to talk about fashion of the 50s and also some memories related to my mother.

You must know that my mother worked in the cinema, also doing Brigitte Bardot’s stunt because she looked a lot like her.

She started very young and worked with great directors of the time, even with Federico Fellini in the Nights of Cabiria.

To explain the choice of this skirt I decided, with the help of cousin Alessandro called the “blond” and after a summit with the other cousins, to publish a piece of a film by Alberto Lattuada of 1954: it is called L ‘Amore in City- The Italians turn around.

Mom was only 18 years old (and seeing the video we realized that my son literally stole her face) and many dreams.

In the video she wears a shirt with a scarf around her neck and a longuette skirt she had stolen from my aunt.

It was a particularly fashionable model in the fashion of the 50s, a fashion that emphasized femininity in a classic way and without being vulgar.

The fashion of the 50s also saw the blossoming of the so-called “increased” or women with a prosperous A side as Sophia Loren and Gina Lollobrigida.

The 50s were years of resurrection, after the crisis brought by the Second World War and the films of the time talked about rebirth, good feelings and lots of love. If you do not believe me, I invite you to see a film that marked the era: Pane Amore e … Fantasia by Luigi Comencini with Gina Lollobrigida and Vittorio De Sica.

In this look there are all the elements of the fashion of the 50s (except for the A side that I lack completely): a longuette skirt, a paesant blouse, a hairstyle that leaves the face uncovered and above all a lot of love for my family , including that great surly of the Husband that to take these pictures has exhausted his list of insults.

The only exceptions, of more modern resonance, are the  Les Jeunes Etoiles bag and the inevitable jewels of Athena Gioielli!

Do you like the fashion of the 50s? Have you ever seen a movie of the era?

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moda anni 50

moda anni 40

moda anni 50

fashion of the 50s

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Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

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  1. Hello franscesca
    I’m impressed by your mother’s story, Felinni wowowowo
    I saw many of these black and white movies, my father was in love with Sofia Loren and there were many pictures of her in the form of postcards here at home.
    I bet if you walk on the street with this look the men will have the same reaction with you, of admiration , as in the film.
    And your bag is just wonderful.



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