Did you know that our “race” is geolocated? For example, if you look for fashion influencer Rome on Google, among the results you will find a site that promises to find the influencer closest to you!fashion influencer roma

Let’s say you are a fashion brand and looking for fashion influencer rome on Google what will you find?

Many colleagues (including myself) and some online newspapers: but the thing that struck me most is a web marketing article that talks about geolocation and tools to find the influencer at home.

Now, I’m for practicality: I type the word fashion influencer rome on Google and I go to see what the most important magazines say, in particular the local edition and then I go to browse the results of the first two pages, reading in particular the metadescription that appears under the URL.

The more relevant it is, the more I am encouraged to click.

Instead, I reject ads via adwords because a blogger with a fashion blog that is read for real will certainly appear on the first three pages without needing advertising,

At this point you can do a cross check on Instagram and Facebook and go to see if the fashion influencer rome is followed on social media too.

And at this point the pains begin: because if Google does not deceive Instagram yes (Facebook is all about sponsorships so there is less to cheat).

Fake followers, likes and comments made by bots, Instagram is a jungle full of pitfalls.

So how to understand if your fashion influencer rome is really followed or not?

You have two solutions: either you trust Google and even the presence in the newspapers or trust your hunch and take the one that convinces you the most and it more suited to your marketing positioning.

But one thing is certain: Instagram is not yet a reliable tool to decree the success of a fashion influencer.

I always prefer Google even if now after the colossal fine that has taken ….. will begin to ask for money too!

And then if you really want a pre-established team of Italian fashion influencers ….. just call us at The Fashion Mob! Simple, right?

I’m wearing:

Aeronautica Militare denim shirt

Mango skirt

Gardini Spirit sandals

Ottaviani jewels

Tips of the day

  • Fashion influencer Rome, Rome fashion blogger call us as you like but remember that we have a brain (at least the majority). My blog is the result of so much care in indexing and lately I’m testing a revolutionary and intelligent plugin to increase the organic traffic, is called WordLift and on their blog you also find my interview in which I tell some completely new things about my life .
  • Holiday time and if you plan to go to Amsterdam, read this post with Chiara’s advice
  • Tonight cook the rice with the clams!

fashion influencer rome

Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

fashion blogger di roma, influencer over 40 amo condividere la mia passione per la moda e soprattutto definirmi l'unica, vera, originale (s) fashion blogger

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  1. Hello Francesca
    Well i m not a good adviser in that matter. I do my blog for fun maybe I start to think about it in a more professional way. And when i goigle it , my blog appears in first place I think is good.
    About fashion mob I think is in good marketing position here on Portugal these influencers groups does not exist. But every actress have one blog, they only appear on the blog the rest of the work is some else job. Its all a big lie. But they are succeful. But a big lie. Just because they appear on tv they have a lot of followers on insta and blog. But the real bloggers are us .
    I have one post in my mind that I made a reflexion about that..
    Wish you a wonderful week.


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