fashion blog, 5 tips to succeed

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Since 2008, when I opened my first fashion blog, millions of them have appeared. I talk of fashion blogs. Today I give you 5 tips to succeed in a competitive arena now hyper-crowded.

fashion blog come avere successo

Do you have a fashion blog and are you wondering how to succeed? Welcome to the fabulous world of fashion bloggers who, by now, are more numerous than the stars in the sky.

It was the distant January 2008 when I opened my first fashion blog. It was called Selvaggiastyle (if I’m not mistaken) and was hosted by the platform.

There were not many fashion blogs at the time. But there was a strong and unmet need, clear and strong: to share fashion in a more popular and direct way than in glossy magazines.

The brands approached us fashion bloggers (we were still comparable to the caveman), as the bees are attracted by the flowers. And the collaborations were flapping.

The photos were taken with the iphone or the ipad and were of poor quality, but the contents were there, in fact, perhaps they were richer than those we produce now.

In 2009 I decided to close the old blog and in 2011 I opened Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger!

And I found myself in a blogosphere overcrowded with fashion bloggers. Now there are more fashion blogs than brands. To be successful, today, it becomes essential to follow a few simple tips that I will try to summarize in a schematic way:

  • Clearly define the target you want to reach and explore the unmet needs (unmet needs). You can not go to everyone because those who are stronger than us will always be advantaged. Better to choose a narrower target but that will follow us faithfully. Example: the success of the curvy bloggers, who knew how to ride an important market need by focusing on an often overlooked target. Based on this we build our positioning that will allow us to occupy a unique market queue. Basically, you need a strong brand identity that meets the needs of the market.
  • Content and indexing (SEO). Lately I hear that fashion blogs are dead, supplanted by social media. Market data say it’s not like that. The web is still very important because it has a different role compared to social media. Just look at the number of searches that are done on google. Positioning well on the web is essential. Google prefers relevant and original posts of at least 300 words. Indexing is not an easy thing to do alone but, for example, on wordpress you can download the SEO plugin Yoast that, with a traffic light system, will tell you if the post is indexed or not. The rest (Domain and Page Authority) is built over time by posting valid and indexed contents.
  • High quality photos. A self-respecting fashion blog is accompanied by beautiful photos. It was not like that in 2008 and even in 2011. The photos were just made at home 🙂 Today this is no longer possible. So invest in a good camera (I have a Canon Mark III 5D) and learn to shoot in raw and then change the lights with Adobe Bridge, Photoshop and Lightroom. Until last post we shot in JPEG and the photos were then worked in Picasa. It was impossible to change the lights effectively. The ones you see in this post were taken in raw and worked in Bridge, where I could change exposure, lights, whites, blacks, colors and vivid details. With Photoshop it is also possible to change one’s connotations, remove wrinkles, reduce the nose, lengthen, shrink. It is up to you to decide whether to do it or not. I try to avoid looking different from what I am. Sure ….. if I realize that I have the lipstick on my teeth …. I do not hesitate for a moment to remove it! But I try to maintain a certain clarity when it comes to smoothing out wrinkles. Also because 90% of it is the clever use of lights and lens.
  • Outfits created based on your personality: do not get carried away by the spasmodic research of collaborations. We are not dummies on which companies can “hang” their clothes. We must be credible and dress ourselves according to our taste. Too often I see combinations totally devoid of personality, dictated by the attempt to please the brand that sponsors us.
  • Social: Instagram and Facebook. To us fashion blogger Twitter serves little. Social media are very important, even vital. The brands hold them in high regard so it is good to take care of them and have lots of followers. The important thing is that they are true. Not fake so to speak. Unfortunately, to date, there are very few profiles with true followers (recognizable for 0 posts on social for example). I strongly advise against using programs or apps that use bots or fake profiles because they are dangerous for the security of our accounts. I recommend instead to rely on competent social media managers. It’s an investment that I can recommend also because that’s what I’m doing. Sponsorships yes or no? On FB yes, indeed, they are indispensable, on IG I would say no.

And if you are wondering why I turned my fashion blog into a blog magazine is simple: too many fashion bloggers, it needed a different positioning and that covered an open market queue, that of all women who do not have time to organize their day and that with the blog magazine find all the information they need to do it!

I was wearing:

Ninni SenzaFreni faux fur vest

(S) fashion collection sweater

fashion blog come avere successo

fashion blog come avere successo

fashion blog come avere successo


Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

fashion blogger di roma, influencer over 40 amo condividere la mia passione per la moda e soprattutto definirmi l'unica, vera, originale (s) fashion blogger

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