I would define fashion after 40 as conscious. Because it’s only after you’ve really tried them all that you know what you can wear and what you can’t. Precisely this today I decided to explain why I adopted the boho chic and often boho rock style!

fashion after 40Some time ago, fashion after 40 would have been full of palazzo pants, midi skirts, flat shoes or, in the case of rural life, black aprons and a handkerchief on the head!

Today, fortunately for me, this is no longer the case, life has lengthened, women have a career and the baby boom generation (the 70s) is the most populous. That’s why there are so many over 40s in the world!

The idea of ​​this post comes from an interview that was made to me by a talented journalist who pointed out to me how today fashion is the point of dialogue between 20 and over 40 year olds. It’s really true. Fashion is transversally ageless. But we over 40 know a lot!

Fashion after 40? Much more aware

As a girl I often dressed badly, with things not really suited to my body. today I know what suits me and what not and I carefully choose what to wear.

For example, I know perfectly well that I have no curves except in the wrong places and that I have a few more love handles.

And so I said bye bye to tight-fitting and snug dresses and I have consciously embraced boho chic fashion even though I sometimes fall back into my obsession with the rock star look.

The dress in full boho chic style that I found is a real friend of women who have no curves and who want to hide some flaws such as bacon. You can also buy it here (search ID 1282813) and with the discount code Q2Selvaggia you will be entitled to a 15% discount on all orders over € 39 placed on SHEIN.

Fashion after 40 is therefore certainly in favor of women because it is the woman herself who chooses what suits her and what to avoid like the plague.

Boho dresses are for me like Linus’ cover, they give me confidence. But I also have a very strong rock soul that I generally dust off when I lose enough weight to be able to wear vinyl and faux leather leggings without problems.

In this look I fulfilled it by adding to this romantic and floating dress some rock accessories such as the belt and ankle boots.

At 20, you are never really sure of your body

I don’t know about you but when I was 20-30 I didn’t really realize what my body was like.

When I thought I was thin I was overweight and when I realized I was fat I started a diet so drastic that I reached 47kg, which on 1.73m are very few. I was a walking skeleton and I saw myself beautiful. I didn’t realize that the clothes looked terrible on me.

Today, at 40, I came to terms with reality. I don’t like myself very much but I know how to dress to emphasize those few qualities that I see.

What is your relationship with your body?

fashion after 40

Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

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  1. That is such a beautiful dress on you and I love the tough studded accessories with the floral print! Such a nice combination 🙂

    Hope that you had a nice weekend 🙂

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