Fall winter 18-19 fashion trends

Fall winter 18-19 fashion trends . What will we wear when the heat and summer leave us? I have chosen 5 trends that I would like to follow. Here they are!tendenze moda autunno inverno 18-19

Fall Winter 18-19 fashion trends … Do you already have in mind what you will like to wear for the new season coming? I have already chosen 5 trends that I will surely follow because I find that they represent me a lot. Do you want to know what they are?

Here they are:

1) Western look: long dresses or skirts with camperos and belts with important buckles;

2) Total leatherlook: skirts, trousers, coats or jackets to combine with light garments to create outfits of character but also glamourous;

3) 80s hats: decidedly conspicuous and important, with a wide brim … so as not to go unnoticed;

4) Belt bag in leather or leather, to customize any type of look;

5) Precious fringes … not solid leather but also shimmering and precious materials.

What do you think of my choice among the fall winter 18-19 fashion trends ? I have also spotted others but I’m studying them to understand how I can interpret them my way.

I love to follow fashion but only if it reflects me and my tastes. The trend that I like most to wear, I think, is the western one. I love long dresses, with a wide skirt, in summer I use them a lot and I have all the colors.

For the winter, on the other hand, I would like them to be dark to combine with leather and colored camperos, and belts with jeweled buckles, like a real Cower girl!

I am already looking, on various online sites, the right clothes and of course also “cheap”!

And you what  fall winter 18-19 fashion trends do you plan to follow?

tendenze moda autunno inverno 18-19

tendenze moda autunno inverno 18-19

tendenze moda autunno inverno 18-19

tendenze moda autunno inverno 18-19

tendenze moda autunno inverno 18-19

tendenze moda autunno inverno 18-19

fall winter 18-19 fashion trends

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Esmeralda Evangelista

Esmeralda Evangelista

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  1. Hi Francesca
    I didn’t started thinking about winter trends, summer this year in Portugal was crap so I still have a lot of summer clothes to wear.
    I also like the trend of long dresses and hats, the fringes I don’t know only if I find something very different.
    Thank you for the tips.
    Lots of love


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