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How to have fab abs at 40? With planks, a series of isometric exercises that are the trend of the moment and that promise to make you feel like Superman…. for about 30 seconds! Read here!
addominali scolpiti a 40 anni

How to have fab abs at 40? Today we talk about planks, a series of exercises that provide a work in isometry and that will have you on the most strange poses, including that of Superman.

Well maybe in my case it is not the famous 6-packs … let’s say that my looks more like a planetary, but you know that having fab abs at 40 is not an easy task.

Since I no longer have the famous flabby tummy, it’s a miracle for me.

But what are the planks and why do they really work?

The plank is nothing but a form of work in isometry where muscles remain contracted for a period of time that varies from 15 seconds to a minute.

If you are related to Hulk then you can afford the luxury of staying in position for 2-5 minutes.

I, who by profession I am the confetti thrower, I start to have hallucinations after 15 seconds!

But since I’m stubborn, I managed to come up with it and I discovered that planks really works.

To have fab abs at 40, I perform 3 types of plank:

The side plank that makes the obliques work but also the triceps and shoulders

The classic plank that makes the whole abdomen, shoulders, triceps and glutei work. And on this I would like to make a clarification: I read on various sites that we must maintain a position that is perfectly parallel to the floor. It is not so. You have to pull up the bottom and push forward with the pelvis to make sure that the low abdominals work too.

The third plank is called Superman and if you look at the picture you will understand why. In practice you have to put on all fours and lift at the same time an arm and the opposite leg. With this type of plank you work out not only the abdominals but also the glutei and the arms.

Now, this is not the most edifying of positions …. consider that my gym, the Olgiata 2012, has the weight room surrounded by large windows and everyone from the outside can see who is inside. My picture while doing Superman has been around the best chats of Whatsapp!

For this I have to thank the Personal Trainer that made me discover the fantastic world of plank, Mirko Mancini, who had no mercy for my age, not very young and that forces me every day to perform the 3 planks.

Yes, because the constancy is really important. Planks should be done every day to have an obvious result even after a few weeks.

It is however important to be followed, especially at the beginning, by a personal trainer to learn how to do the plank in the right way otherwise they will be totally ineffective.

And since I’ve learned how to make Superman very well, know that you’ll see me tonight, flying faster than light, on the streets of Rome!

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