Ex boyfriend trucker jacket by Levi’s

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Here is my new Levi’s ex boyfriend trucker jacket! No I didn’t steal it from my husband’s closet, or from an ex-boyfriend because I never had a “fashionable” man! Read here!

ex boyfriend trucker jacket

Do you like my new Levi’s ex boyfriend trucker jacket? Among the thousand denim jackets I own, this is becoming my favorite so far and do you know why? It’s comfortable and on the back it has the Levi’s logo made of sequins!

Why is it called ex boyfriend trucker jacket?

First of all, the trucker jacket, is one of Levi’s historic war horses. My first trucker jacket was the Sherpa you can see it here.

Ex boyfriend because actually, apart from the sequins on the back, it really seems to come from the closet of a boyfriend or husband! The cut is decidedly masculine even though it has two tabs at the waist that allow it to adjust its width.

Borrow garments from your boyfriend’s / husband’s wardrobe?

A reality for many, a real mirage for me. I have a long history behind men regardless of their look.

I have always dressed my ex: I never had a boyfriend who knew how to dress and then …. and then I met the Husband.

He does not dress badly, but does not spend 1 euro to buy clothing.

He has the same jeans as when he went to high school, he often runs with shirts that have seen better times and all he has of new and fashionable it is because of me, that in order not to see him dressed like in Beverly Hills 90210, I invest capital in shirts , jeans, shoes … for him!

And do you want to know what he does? Not to spoil the new purchases (made by me), he uses them only on special occasions … so practically never!

That’s why the ex boyfriend trucker jacket is really mine! Certainly it does not come from the husband’s wardrobe!

Levi’s denim jackets never go out of style

The trucker jacket turned 50 years old in 2017, yet it is still very current.

Levi’s has revisited it several times over the years and the version I wear in these photos is the most recent one.

And on the Levi’s website you can find many different models of jackets for women and men.

In fact I think I grab at least one more in the next few days!

ex boyfriend trucker jacket levi's

ex boyfriend trucker jacket

ex boyfriend trucker jacket

ex boyfriend trucker jacket

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  1. Love your story about your husband ahahah!!
    I think he doesn’t like to be fashion but he loves to have a fashion wife!!
    That jacket is gorgeous!!


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