Elegant look for Valentine’s day

Have you hooked a billionaire on February 14th to take you to a top place? Then you have to immediately think about an elegant look for Valentine’s Day. Here is my proposal!
look elegante per san valentino

Hands up those of us who have never dreamed of wearing an elegant look for Valentine’s Day and going to celebrate the day of lovers in an unforgettable place?

Personally, it happened to me only once to wear an elegant look for Valentine’s Day, I was in high school, there was no boyfriend and it was a party organized by a school friend of mine.

Since then either I have not celebrated or I ended up doing it in a pizza restaurant!!!

The husband is part of the consortium of men who consider any type of celebration superfluous but this year the unsuspecting man does not know that he is doomed.

Yes, because I have got an elegant look for Valentine’s Day and I have every intention of showing it off!

I decided to wear a long dress with lace bodice and layered tulle skirt I found on Grace Karin.

Armed to the teeth, I will present myself in front of my husband, asking him for once to take me to a special place.

Unfortunately I foresee that his special place is inside the walls of the house to provide a nice plate of carbonara, obviously not cooked by me.

But dreaming does not cost anything, does not it?

If instead you are the lucky owners of a husband / boyfriend / partner of a romantic nature or with a wallet worthy of Trump on February 14th, you will have the chance to show off an elegant look for Valentine’s Day and this type of dress could be for you.

But always remember that the difference is your smile and especially those who take you to dinner, so also dedicate yourself to look out for the most beautiful and best suited outfit for the evening but remember to make your man feel the focus of attention because he will be the one less convinced of having to celebrate the Valentine’s Day and he will look like a prisoner brought to the gallow.

Make sure that you enjoy and appreciate the evening in your company otherwise next year you will celebrate the Valentine’s Day ….. alone !!!!!

elegant look for valentine's day

look elegante per san valentino

Tips of the day

  • This is not only an elegant look for Valentine’s Day but it can be great for a party with black tie dress code or, worn with a pair of long white gloves it can also be suitable for a dress code white tie!
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