Outside there are trees in bloom and daisies on the lawns and we are closed inside the house. So let’s have Easter on the terrace, on the balcony or even at the window, the important thing is to look beyond the appearance!

easter on the terraceDo you have in mind a trip out of town together with friends and relatives for the Easter holidays? Forget it! Everyone must stay at home and if you want you can have your Easter on the terrace, on the balcony or even at the window. I will give you some ideas to do it!

But first of all we have to think about the look and, if we have the possibility of organizing Easter on the terrace or in the garden or on the balcony, then we have to cover ourselves because it is still chilly outside.

I chose a Shein spring coat that you can buy here taking advantage of SHEIN 2020 Easter special offer.

With the code SEH051 from  April 1 to May 13 you will be entitled to a 15% discount on all orders over 39 euros.

I completed the look with the inevitable jeans, Texan boots and a vintage Yves Saint Laurent bag!

How to organize Easter on the terrace

In addition to the look we have to think about the table and what to prepare for lunch both at Easter and on Easter Monday.

But let’s go in order: first of all let’s think about the location. If we have a terrace, a garden or a balcony, it is quite simple, but what if we live in an apartment that does not have open spaces? Don’t worry: just a window (and I hope you have at least one) under which to place the dining table.

At this point we think about how to decorate the table, on the web there are really many cheerful proposals to decorate your home alone, I recommend you read this post on DIY Easter decorations.

While, to set the table, avoid paper plates and glasses and follow the rules of etiquette, it will help you make your table more elegant and important.

At this point we must also think of the menu for the Easter lunch on the terrace.

What to cook? Let’s start with a quick appetizer such as the Russian salad whose recipe you can find here. I recommend you prepare a little because it is quite heavy

As a first course, I propose the radicchio cream pasta following this recipe.

And then? Well at this point let’s get hurt with the stew with peas, you say it’s too heavy? Then do not prepare anything and bring to the table a platter of cold cuts and cheeses accompanied by the classic Easter cake.

At this point only the dessert is missing and I have a truly original proposal, why not try making the cheese pies? It is the classic Sardinian Easter dessert whose recipe you can find here.

Christmas with your family and Easter with whoever you want

How do we stay at home and with friends at the same time?

My dear, I don’t really have to come and tell you. I think by now everyone has become addicted to videochat with relatives and friends also for lunch or dinner.

Whether it’s Whatsapp, Zoom or Jitsi all and really we all share at least one meal a week with whoever we want. And I find it hilarious,

So dear “fugitives” stay home. The emergency is not over and will not end for a long time. We use technology and creativity to organize Easter and Easter Monday even indoors!

pasqua in terrazzo

pasqua in terrazzo

easter on the terrace

easter on the terrace

Selvaggia Capizzi

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