Dress with transparent sleeves, why you should have one

Today I present a real gem: a dress with transparent sleeves and leopard prints. Two of the winter 2020 trends combined in a single dress with a rock soul!

dress with transparent sleevesTops with transparent sleeves, shirts with transparent sleeves and now also the dress with transparent sleeves? Isn’t it a tad too much? Oh no my dear …. it’s never too much when it comes to being trendy.

Or being obsessive-compulsive. When I like something I buy it in various colors and sizes.

In this case I am totally obsessed with transparent sleeves and I have about a quarter of my closet full of shirts or tops with transparent sleeves.

The dress with transparent sleeves and leopard prints that I chose is perfect for hiding small defects

When I saw this dress with transparent sleeves on Femme Luxe Finery I could not resist and I immediately took it.

As you know, I love leopard prints and I like transparent sleeves but I also have a passion for eco-leather and in this dress that you can buy here there is practically everything.

In addition, it has reinforced cups, a save-the-look-aid for me that I am flat, it is enveloping and compressing so it seems that I have a spatial body.

Better than a remodeling sheath believe me. It squeezes where it has to tighten and places curves where they don’t exist.

And the transparent sleeves are strategic: at 48 (or rather almost 49) I no longer have the toned arms and I need to minimize this defect, the transparent sleeve plays on the “I see, I don’t see” factor which is sexy without revealing the imperfections.

One dress, two interpretations

This dress is very versatile even if, at first glance, it doesn’t seem.

In this look you see it interpreted with super opaque stockings and rock boots in a look suitable for an evening at the disco or an aperitif with friends.

I wore it to go to lunch with my family and a group of friends, so do you ha ha ha, I certainly do not go unnoticed. But fashion at 40 cannot be made of burqa or aprons, right?

Now, imagine this dress paired with a pair of pumps and magically it will turn into a perfect cocktail dress.

As a bag I chose a very classic icon bag. or the Chanel Jumbo Bag.

I want to make a small impact on this bag: I bought it 10 years ago and it was a real investment ….. on the bag!

Today this bag is worth double what I paid for it and the Husband is already dealing with a possible sale.

What he does not know is that the idea of ​​selling it does not even pass through the anteroom of the brain! I hold it tight

abito con maniche trasparenti

dress with transparent sleeves

dress with transparent sleeves

dress with transparent sleeves

Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

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