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I had a dream … I was desperately seeking for a customized leather jacket and finally I landed on an online store where you can create your own jacket, choosing model, colors, design and writing! It is The Jacket Maker and today I will explain to you, why I am so excited about it!giacca the jacket maker

I have always wanted to own a customized leather jacket and lately I was really frustrated because while there is plenty of stores where you can add personalized writings on several kind of garments, very few offer complete customization.

Then I discovered The Jacket Maker, an online store of leather apparel and not only leather, that was born mainly as a bespoke activitiy or custom-made garments.

On The Jacket Maker you can customize leather or other fabric jackets with the help of a design consultant who will let you choose the type and color of the leather, the design you prefer and writings. All this without additional costs and final commitment to purchase

A customized leather jacket might cost you a fortune

Some time ago, to get a customized leather jacket you had to engage a leather artisan, at least in Italy.

With outrageous costs! Since my last name is not Cavalli and neither is Trump, spending astronomical amounts of money on a whim, it was really unthinkable.

With The Jacket Maker I was able to make the leather jacket of my dreams, at reasonable prices, thanks to the assistance of a very good consultant (Hi Fred) who followed me step by step.

First he asked her to give him my detailed measures. then I sent him a picture of a model of leather jacket that I liked, and finally we chose the materials and the writing together.

The implementation time is 8 weeks; after that, they will send you a photo of the item as a preview to check if it’s all ok or there are further changes to be made.

Once the ok is received, the jacket is shipped and arrives comfortably at home in a few days.

What are the risks of buying a customized garments online?

Well surely the greatest risk is that it doesn’t fit well.

Or that it doesn’t meet our expectations for quality or colors.

In my case I can say that I am totally satisfied with my customized leather jacket. It arrived in its case and is very well finished.

Inside the lining is pink and the zippers are of excellent quality.

The jacket is exactly as I wanted it and the size is perfect. Even the leather is of superior quality and can also be seen from the photos. It is soft and metallic exactly as I requested.

I had my real name written behind because, by now, you all should be aware of the fact that my name is Selvaggia!

So it is true that customizing a leather jacket online can be risky and even expensive, it is also true that if we put ourselves in the right hands this problem does not exist.

I recommend to check out The Jacket Maker, whether you want to customize your jacket or if you want to buy a ready-made one!

Do you like the model I created? What do you think?

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personalizzare giacca in pelle

customized leather jacket

customized leather jacket

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