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They are the most popular among the 2019 spring summer jeans, what am I talking about? Of the cropped flare jeans of course, here’s how to wear them. Are they looking good on everyone?
cropped flare jeans

Among the 2019 spring summer jeans models, those who win the medal of the most popular are the cropped flare jeans, or jeans that reach the ankle and are flared at the bottom.

The most fashionable will exclaim … that’s not news? And they’re right because the cropped flare jeans were launched at least 3 years ago!

So where’s the news? The novelty is all in the fact that I didn’t even have a pair! I just didn’t find them, not like I wanted. Above the ankle.

Now, if you don’t know me in person, you might think I am short and therefore that all the cropped flare jeans (or supposed ones) models that I have searched during these years were too long for me. I’s not like this. Because I am taller than 1.70 m and so the size 40 or 42 should fall well above the ankle to me.

The sad reality is that I didn’t find anything that suited me until I tried these Replay jeans. Perfect length and flare.

How are cropped flare jeans worn? Or with a pair of ankle boots that are well attached to the ankle as in my case, or with a pair of pumps.

They can feel good even with a pair of sneakers the important thing is that the ankle remains uncovered or that it is underlined anyway.

The top can be a T shirt or a shirt as in my case, the important thing is that the proportions are respected.

Are cropped flare jeans good for everyone? This time I’m sorry to say no. They are good for tall women and with a long-limbed body, if you are not so remember that there are a thousand other models more suitable for you.

While reading this post, I will be in Bali with my family. I don’t know what to expect from this island but I know what I put in my suitcase for Bali.

I hope from tomorrow to be able to post some photos and some stories of our stay live, just know that it takes about 18 hours to get there, so if we don’t like it we can’t just jump on the first plane and come back!

Also because I really believe that we will be so much exhausted and confused by the jet lag that we will sleep for the whole week of our stay !!

Meanwhile, take a look at the Instagram stories to understand what we’re doing!

I was wearing

Zara shirt

Replay jeans

Athena Gioielli Jewels

cropped flare jeans

Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

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