How to style cowboy boots with fringes? There are so many alternatives and today I present them with a red lace dress that I could not miss.
stivali texani con le frange

The cowboy boots with fringes you see in these photos are my last purchase and today I present them styled with a red lace dress that I’ve been chasing  for quite a while! I found it on Grace Karin along with another dress that I’ll show you soon.

The purchase of cowboy boots with fringes was really a compulsive one, so much so that I also took them in brown suede!

But we must admit that I’m a rather challenging accessory …. and the question is: how to match the cowboy boots with fringes without looking like one of the actors in a western movie?

In my case the answer was easy: the red lace dress by someone could be classified as romantic but I, however, see it as a boho chic style and the combination with the cowboy boots with fringes seemed to me a good idea . Adding a rock touch with the studded bag and keeping the folk style with the addition of the hoop earrings from the pois collection by Athena Gioielli.

The result is a look that I can not frame in a precise style if not …. mine!

I have always told you that, according to me, dressing well does not mean to follow fashion but to dress according to your personality and I never forget this rule.

So this look represents at least 3 of my souls if not all 4: boho, rock, bon ton, folk.

If this proposal is not for you but you like these boots so much here is some other idea how to combine the cowboy boots with fringes.

  • Wear them with skinny jeans and a denim jacket like I did some time ago (even if the model you see has a stiletto heel)
  • Try it with a maxidress that has a side slit or is open in front
  • If you are under 25, you have a top model physique and good taste, you can also wear them with denim shorts.

I obviously will not be able to put them on with shorts, I would really feel like one of those elderly ladies trying to be a girl.

In any case, I feel I have made a good purchase especially because I paid them very little …. 25 euros!

vestito in pizzo rosso

cowboy boots with fringes

stivali texani con le frange

stivali texani con le frange

stivali texani con le frange

vestito in pizzo rosso

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  1. Hi Francesca
    I admit that these fringed cowboy boots are a difficult exercise of imagination, but I like challenges and the boots wowww how beautiful they are, your souls should all be proud because the look is wonderful and very stylish.

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