Couple look for Valentine’s Day

Is this really us? With a couple look for Valentine’s Day ? Well yes! The pandemic has changed the dynamics of our family, before we celebrated the 20 wedding in lock down and now, apparently we will also celebrate Valentine’s Day at home. And we are ready!

couple look for valentine's dayTo take these photos with our couple look for Valentine’s Day , countless attempts were made of which you can see an excerpt in the stories of Instragam. This is because, despite having been married for over 20 years, the two of us are the antithesis of romance.

It is not really in our DNA to be romantic, we have never been, perhaps this is also why we keep being married: we know what to expect and what not to expect from the other.

In any case, the pandemic has also strongly impacted our social life. The Capizzis are very social animals who love to go to restaurants in the evening, have an aperitif with friends and travel to discover new places. And now you can’t do any of this so we learned how to make events at home and even celebrate what we would never have celebrated: the party of lovers.

Couple look for Valentine’s Day

So we decided to celebrate at home and dress as if we were going out for dinner.

I chose a boho chic style dress that I found here (SKU swdress00201104883) and a retro style bag (SKU swbag09200410347) of those that are super fashionable today.

My husband instead chose a classic vest (SKU smblazer03200806257) which he wore over the classic white shirt and with moleskin trousers.

We got everything on Shein and with the discount code SV629 you will be entitled to 15% discount on all purchases over 39 euros.

We have chosen two casual looks because ours will be an informal aperitif, just to be among us and with our son. Ah of course he is the author of these absolutely NOT spontaneous shots hahahaha.

My husband’s fake-in-love face made me reject 90% of the photos. In almost all the shots the hysterical spouse had such a phony expression of adoration that forced me to discard them en masse!

Must have bags:  the pouch

As I said before, handbags with ruffles or pouches are really popular now. It is a very simple bag in reality but super sought after.

The best known model is that of Bottega Veneta but then it was copied by everyone and today they can be found in every color and material a little everywhere.

I must say I like it but I wouldn’t spend a fortune on it that’s why I prefer the cheaper version.

So, we are very ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home. The husband is very happy so he saves and our son will be the maitre.

And you have something planned?

look di coppia san valentino

look di coppia san valentino

couple look for valentine's day

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