I love the country style look and, having all the ingredients, it is very easy for me to make it. Just take a short dress with flounces, a Texan hat and a pair of ankle boots with fringes and you’re done! But I have a doubt: is yellow good for reds?

country style outfitI smile in these photos, I smile a lot because I love the country style look, it makes me feel really good and at ease.

That’s why I dared a little by taking this yellow mini dress with flounces here (search ID 1119024). And with the discount code SSW1871 you will be entitled to a 15% discount on all orders placed on SHEIN valid from 13 July to 15 August.

I dared because you know that yellow is not good for reds, at least so they say ….

Country style look, for who it is and how to make it

If you have a country soul, if you like contact with nature then you can’t help but love the country style look!

But how is it accomplished?

It is simpler and cheaper than you think. All you need is a Texan-style straw hat, one of those you can find on stalls, a belt and a pair of ankle boots and you will be the country queen.

It is a comfortable and practical look that is also suitable for long walks in the countryside, a bit what I am doing these days to try to lose weight.

And it is precisely in one of my favorite routes that these photos were taken.

During the lock down I discovered that parallel to the paved perimeter road, there is a dirt road immersed in the woods and full of animals that I had only seen in my country house like the hoopoe and the fox.

Every day I ride this 7 km long road by bicycle (certainly not dressed like that) in an attempt to lose weight.

In short, this type of look suits me even if, for example, I don’t like country music.

And this dress is also perfect for boho chic style, another of my favorite looks.

Is yellow good for redheads?

And we come to the fateful question. Is yellow suitable for a person with red hair?

Many say no and I also thought about it before taking this dress.

Yet I dared and in the end, in my opinion, I was rewarded because the photos do not seem to me that the two colors are bad together, especially choosing leather accessories that recall the red shades of my hair!

And what do you say? Am I okay with yellow?

Do you have any color that you would never wear?

look stile country

country style look

country style look

Selvaggia Capizzi

Selvaggia Capizzi

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