Corduroy jacket, back to the 70s

In the beginning it was the 70s that launched it but then the corduroy jacket became a real evergreen re-proposed from year to year. I chose this blue velvet overcoat to go towards spring. Do you like it?

corduroy jacketToday I present a spring look that features the blue corduroy jacket that I found here (search ID: 855637) and that you can buy with a 15% discount on all orders over 29 euros by using the code Selvaggia26.

Do you like it? I immediately fell in love with it, because both the model and the fabric remind me so much of the 70s.

In a few days it will be spring and, coronavirus permitting, I can’t wait to go around dressed in lighter and cheerful colors. But since the temperatures are still crisp it is appropriate to dress in layers and a corduroy jacket is really the ideal garment.

The corduroy jacket, a dip in the 70s

Those who, like me, were born in those years know that 70s fashion had velvet as its protagonist.

From velvet jackets to velvet pants to end with the velvet trouser suit.

The corduroy jacket had a slim fit line and a wide collar exactly like the overcoat I wear in these photos. The colors were those of the earth, therefore brown or green in the most natural shades.

In the following decades the velvet jacket has become an evergreen and has taken various forms in accordance with the trends of the moment.

But it has always been present in our wardrobes, especially in that of my husband who has a couple dating back to when he went to elementary school and who still uses it because, you know how it is, they still look brand new!

The model I chose is reminiscent of velvet jackets from the 70s but has a bon ton touch that makes it also suitable as an overcoat for a look with cocktail dress code.

I chose to interpret it in a look really inspired by the 70s with flare-bottom jeans and pointed ankle boots with python print.

Shop my closet: the Harlequin by Miu Miu

As you know, I am in a revival phase that features some cool pieces from my wardrobe.

Among these there is also my favorite bag: Miu Miu‘s Harlequin bag, a historical piece also because it dates back to the time when my husband still gave me something.

The first time I showed it to you I still had long hair and shatush and, despite being quite young, they already renamed me as the granny of all bloggers …. but that’s another story …..

In any case, I devoted myself to digging in my closet somewhat briskly and soon I will show you what else I found!

giacca di velluto a coste

corduroy jacket

corduroy jacket

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