Colorful striped maxi dress

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The striped maxi dress is one of the garments that was missing in my overflowing wardrobe, I found this on Oeyes and I immediately liked it because of the rather flashy color combination!

maxi dress a righe

Incredible but true: I, a fashion influencer over 40 with an explosive wardrobe, didn’t have a striped maxi dress! Where will the world go hahahaha !!!

But as always I couldn’t find the right one and eventually I found this on Oeyes and immediately got it.

You can also get it with a 15% discount through the code don15!

The striped maxi dress is a good investment

For years now, both lines and maxi dresses have been in fashion, so buying a striped maxi dress now in a big discount is a great idea.

You can easily use it again next summer!

Black and white or multicolor stripes? In my case I chose the second option because I still like the idea of ​​giving a touch of color to my looks.

I also chose a model with a deep neckline on the back, just to have a more sexy allure.

Ah yes, if you noticed I have a tattoo on my shoulder. I did so many years and depicts the head of a unicorn. It represents my freedom and my creativity!

After more than 20 years it is still perfect. It was made by  the best tattooist in Rome at the time, a giant tattooed big man who, fortunately, had a delicate feather hand!

How to buy clothing online

For many, shopping online is a taboo. This is because most of us are afraid of buying the wrong size.

In reality today all the sites are equipped with very accurate size charts, so it is really impossible to measure oneself and make mistakes.

As a fitting for this striped maxi dress I suggest you look carefully at the size chart on the Oeyes website as they are very accurate.

The dress fits me well even in terms of length, one of my big problems so I always try to take a bigger size.

In this case there were detailed measures also of how long it was and luckily I could take my measurement quietly.

These photos were taken in Skiathos, where we spent our summer holidays, and more precisely on one of the balconies of Villa Lalio, the house we had rented together with some of our friends and that you can see both here and here.

A beautiful vacation made of sailboat and sea.

They also are a little experiment because we decided to use the French window doors as a disturbance!

maxi dress a righe

maxi dress a righe

colorful striped maxi dress

maxi dress a righe

maxi dress a righe


Selvaggia Capizzi
Selvaggia Capizzi

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